Beephan Calls for Bipartisan Support of ‘Melanie’s Law’

Assemblyman Anil Beephan, Jr. (R,C-East Fishkill) held a press conference today with legislative colleagues from the Assembly and state Senate as they once again push to pass “Melanie’s Law” and send the measure to the governor.

“Melanie’s Law” (A.6026) aims to remove a loophole limiting orders of protection that leaves certain immediate family members unprotected. The bill was proposed following the death of Melanie Chianese, an adult who died at the hand of her mother’s ex-partner, in part, because her mother’s order of protection did not extend to Melanie, who was not a minor at the time the order was issued.

"I proudly stand with a bipartisan delegation in supporting Melanie's Law. I urge the state Assembly to swiftly pass this bill, echoing the Senate's support from last year. Let's enact this common-sense change, ensuring our domestic violence victims can access the protections they rightfully deserve. Thank you to Assemblymember Cunningham, Sen. Hinchey and Sen. Rolison for their leadership," Beephan said.

*Editor’s Note: Additional Photos Attached, Video available for viewing here*