Beephan, Istvan Hosts Rally to Champion Continued Chips Investments for 2024

Assemblyman Anil Beephan (R,C - East Fishkill) in Partnership with Fishkill Highway Superintendent Carmine Istvan took center stage today at the Fishkill Highway Garage, hosting a spirited rally to champion the cause for increased funding in the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) as part of the forthcoming 2024 budget. The event drew a diverse assembly of participants, including highway and town officials from across the Hudson Valley, who were united in their commitment to advocating for the critical funds required for local road and bridge repair and enhancement.

CHIPS serves as the essential conduit for collecting public funds, channeling them through the Department of Transportation to support the maintenance and improvement of local roads and bridges. Assemblyman Beephan, recognizing CHIPS's vital role in Dutchess County, is determined to secure continued and robust support for the local infrastructure projects.

"Today, we stand united to ensure that Hudson Valley receives the support it needs through the CHIPS Program. Our local roads are the lifeblood of our communities, connecting us and facilitating essential daily activities," Beephan declared at the rally. "As we gather here with Highway and town officials from across the Hudson Valley, along with my esteemed colleagues, we are collectively urging for the restoration of $60 million to the CHIPS budget, matching last year's allocation. Additionally, we call for an additional $200 million to address the impacts of inflation on critical infrastructure projects."

The joint efforts of Assembly members Anil Beephan, Matt Slater, John McGowan, Brian Maher and Senator Rolison, and serval community bipartisan officials underscore the commitment to securing the resources for the Hudson Valley region. Their call for restoring previous funding levels and an additional allocation to account for inflation reflects a forward-looking approach to maintaining and improving local infrastructure.

As the budget negotiations continue, Beephan and his colleagues emphasize the urgency of sustaining and enhancing the CHIPS program, recognizing it as an investment in the safety, connectivity, and prosperity of Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley.

Dutchess Officials Present:
Fishkill Highway Superintendent Carmine Istvan
Fishkill Supervier Ozzy Albra 
Fishkill Council members Wrye & Forman
East Fishkill Highway Superintendent Kenny Williams
Lagrange Supervisor Alan Bell
Beekman Supervisor Mary Covucci 
Dover Highway Superintendent Jason Sartori