Beephan Pushes Back Against Congestion Pricing in New York City

Assemblyman Anil Beephan (R,C-East Fishkill) wants New York’s representatives to consider amending the recently approved move that raises toll fees for out-of-city travelers entering lower Manhattan with a personal vehicle. The Metro Transit Authority (MTA) recently agreed to raise toll prices, which have yet to be implemented but are likely to be in the coming months. Beephan is fighting for Hudson Valley residents to ensure they aren’t asked to pay that fee in dire circumstances.

“The MTA’s move to push for higher toll fees as a means of fighting congestion in New York City is short-sighted and particularly harmful to our lower-income neighbors who commute to the city for work or emergencies,” Beephan said. “I am offering support for those very people and proposing that exemptions be made for individuals in need of it, including police officers, first responders, physicians, nurses and those seeking medical treatment in the city. City employees, people who save lives and patients in need shouldn’t have to worry that just going over those bridges will cost them an unfair expense.”

The bill specifically establishes a central business district toll exemption for those previously mentioned individuals to alleviate any potential financial burdens that might befall them as they travel to New York City.

“Facilitating easier and cost-effective travel ensures the city continues to thrive and serve those who need it most. I sincerely hope that New York will join me in pushing this measure forward,” Beephan concluded.