Beephan, Slater Call For Public Hearings Before Utility Price Increases Occur

Assemblyman Anil Beephan (R,C-East Fishkill) and Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) held a press conference today at the town hall in Carmel to call for public hearings to be held before any utility price increase is levied against customers. The bill comes in response to two previously proposed rate increases.

“In order to uphold the principles of transparency and accountability in our decision-making processes, I am proud to introduce a crucial piece of legislation with Assemblyman Slater. The Public Service Commission must engage directly with the communities affected by utility rate increases,” Beephan said. “The recent 30% electricity rate hike approved without an in-person public hearing highlighted a significant flaw in our system. This bill is not just about holding hearings; it’s about empowering the public to voice their concerns, ask questions and actively participate in decisions that directly impact their wallets.”

“Ratepayers deserve a transparent process for pending rate hikes like the 30 percent increase for NYSEG electric customers. The Public Service Commission’s refusal to hold an in-person public hearing is unacceptable and must change,” Slater said. “Ratepayers have expressed their concern and frustration with these ridiculously high rates; however, they have not been allowed to show their concern in a public forum. Transparency is paramount, especially now as New Yorkers continue to face an affordability crisis. With this new legislation, I hope to see greater transparency and accountability, so families, seniors and small businesses are not blindsided with high utility bills.”

“We cannot overlook the fundamental right of ratepayers to be heard and informed. By requiring the Public Service Commission to host in-person public hearings within the impacted service territory, we are taking a vital step towards ensuring a fair, transparent and accountable process for all,” Beephan concluded