Beephan Objects to ‘Clean Slate’ Legislation

Says bill prioritizes criminals over law-abiding citizens

Assemblyman Anil Beephan, Jr. (R,C-East Fishkill) joined fellow Minority legislators and law enforcement professionals for a press conference today calling for a hold of the “Clean Slate” bill being pushed by the Majority lawmakers in New York State. The bill proposes that criminal records of convicted felons will be automatically sealed after a predetermined period, unlike now where said convict must go before a judge to request it be sealed. The move is seen by many to prioritize the welfare of felons over law-abiding citizens and once again removes judicial discretion from important decision-making.

“This proposal presents a real danger to the way local judiciaries are able to determine who remains a threat and who does not, and it’s concerning to see this legislation go so far,” Beephan said. “I am someone who believes in second chances, but those are intertwined in our institutions we entrust with power to protect us and our communities. I am opposed to this legislation as it stands but would be more than willing to hear alternatives should my colleagues across the aisle offer any.”