Beephan Celebrates Diwali Being Made A School Holiday

Assemblyman Anil Beephan, Jr. (R,C-East Fishkill) is proud to sign on and support a bill designating Diwali as a school holiday in New York City. Beephan joined fellow Assemblywoman, Jenifer Rajkumar (D-AD 38) in passing the bill, establishing a new level of recognition for Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist New Yorkers.

“I stand here today, not only as an assemblyman but as someone who has personally celebrated Diwali as a child. With the passage of A7769, New York has taken a monumental step towards inclusivity and cultural recognition,” Beephan said.

“As a former Hindu, I vividly remember the feeling of being overlooked, wondering why the holidays my family cherished were not acknowledged. Today, I proudly embrace my heritage and the Hindu and Sikh communities I represent. With great honor, I cosponsor this bill and cast my vote in favor, ensuring future generations can celebrate Diwali without compromise. I commend the tenacity and persistence of the sponsor, Assemblymember Rajkumar. Together, we build bridges of understanding and forge a more inclusive society for all, and I look forward to the opportunity of making this holiday represented across all schools in New York State,” Beephan concluded.