Hawley Proclaims Jell-O Week in New York State

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C-Batavia) introduced a resolution yesterday declaring Feb. 12-18, 2024 as Jell-O week in the state of New York. Jell-O was originally created in 1897 by a carpenter from Le Roy, New York named Pearle Wait. Wait experimented with gelatin and came up with the fruit-flavored dessert which his wife, Mary, named Jell-O. The Jell-O Company changed ownership several times before leaving Le Roy in 1964. Known as America’s Most Famous Dessert, Jell-O still remains a distinguished part of the town’s history. The Jell-O museum, located on East Main Street, still displays the company’s original advertising art, molds, spoons, toys, collectibles and recipe books. Hawley is proud to recognize this dessert’s rich history, which started in Western New York and has contributed to the economic growth and prosperity of communities across New York and throughout the country.

“The founding of the Jell-O Company is a testament to the inspiring ingenuity and innovation that can only be found in Western New York,” said Hawley. “America’s Most Famous Dessert earned its name for its impact across our state and country for creating jobs, economic opportunity and improving the quality of life for people throughout our nation. From a local treat to an internationally sold product, Jell-O has made its mark across the globe. This week, we recognize our region's hard work and accomplishments in founding one of America’s most beloved deserts.”