State of The State 2022: A Chance To Forge A New Path To Prosperity In New York

A Statement by Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia)

“In a time of crisis, as we face issues related to our economy, public health and public safety, we cannot keep rehashing the same tired ideas that have proven to be ineffective solutions to serious problems. While I appreciate the governor’s rhetoric in support of small businesses during a time when they and our residents are leaving the state in droves, we should be talking about meaningfully cutting taxes and easing regulations to enable their success in the long-term. Of equal importance is our need to focus on restoring order to our increasingly dangerous streets, following the passage of bail reform. 

“Having served as assemblyman while Gov. Hochul served as our district’s congresswoman, it would be a pleasure to work together in earnest to make New York work for everyday New Yorkers once again. We must all come together to restore the authority of our local governments and judges.”