New Law Allows Craft Beverages from SUNY Broome Labs to be Served at the Culinary & Event Center

Webb and Lupardo team up to promote craft beverage careers

Broome County, NY – Today Senator Lea Webb and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo announced the signing of legislation (S7085 Webb / A7293 Bronson, Lupardo) that will allow SUNY Broome Community College to serve student-produced craft beverages at the Culinary & Event Center.

Institutions of higher education have played an important role in the growth of NY’s craft beverage industry by offering high-quality workforce development programs. SUNY Broome’s Food Science degree track, complete with an in-house Brew Lab and Fermentation Distillation Lab, is one such program. Due to restrictions on their existing alcohol production license, beverages produced for learning purposes at SUNY Broome have not been allowed to be served or sold, requiring disposal of perfectly good product.

The change in law led by Senator Webb and Assemblywoman Lupardo will now allow SUNY Broome to sell and serve their craft beverages at the Culinary & Event Center in Downtown Binghamton. In addition to beer and distilled spirits already being produced, the law will also allow other craft beverages such as wine, cider, and mead to be served should the curriculum expand in the future.

This change offers students experience in real-life catering and conference settings as part of their culinary program. Students will see the entire craft beverage process through from farm to consumer, better preparing them for a career path in this growing industry.

Senator Lea Webb said, “As an alum of SUNY Broome, I could not be prouder to see this legislation signed into law. I am thrilled that the products made by SUNY Broome’s in-house Brew Lab and Fermentation Distillation Lab will be able to be sold and enjoyed locally at the Culinary & Event Center in Downtown Binghamton. This change in law will help institutions expand their workforce development programs and inspire the next generation to join New York’s craft beverage industry. My thanks to Assemblymember Lupardo for supporting this legislation and to Governor Hochul for signing it into law.”

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Chair, Assembly Committee on Agriculture, said, “It only made sense to allow the wonderful craft beer being produced at the Brew Lab on campus to be served at the Culinary & Event Center. I’m also looking forward to seeing their distilled spirits being served at some point as well. This is a great way to promote careers in the craft beverage industry by giving students real world experiences. It will also provide the public fresh, local products brewed and named with pride by local students. I’d like to thank my colleague Sen. Webb for her work on this and the Governor for supporting our efforts.”

Associate Professor Harold H. Trimm said, "The role of the community college includes support for the local community and industry, as well as education. This legislation allows SUNY Broome to expand educational opportunities to those students interested in beer, wine, mead and spirit manufacturing as part of a food science program or workforce development. We are pleased that the College is positioned as a resource across industries by supplying a trained workforce and a center for research and support."