Local Leaders Celebrate Signing of “Direct-Pay” Legislation

Will directly benefit local ambulance service providers

Broome County, NY – Local elected officials and EMS professionals came together to celebrate the signing of (A.250/S.1466), a bill that will directly benefit ambulance service providers. Last month, this same group of leaders participated in a “Day of Action,” joining others from across Upstate calling on Governor Hochul to sign this important bill.

The legislation will change the way ambulance providers are paid for their services. After the law goes into effect, they will be paid directly by insurance companies when they are operating out of network, as is often the case. Currently, payments are sent to the patient who received the service, instead of directly to the provider. In many instances the check never gets passed along to the provider, causing financial losses.

It is expected that members of the State Legislature will now turn their attention to other pending EMS legislation, including a bill that would deem EMS services to be as “essential” as police and fire in state law (A.3392/S.4020).

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said, “I am very happy that Governor Hochul signed the “direct pay” bill that I co-sponsored. It will provide real financial relief to NY’s ambulance service providers. Now that this issue is finally resolved, we can turn our attention to addressing other challenges the industry is facing. For example, we really need to view ambulance services as essential to public health, just like police and fire.”

Senator Lea Webb said, “I was proud to co-sponsor the “Direct Pay” bill in the Senate. This legislation will empower our dedicated EMS providers to bill insurers directly, ensuring they receive the vital resources they need to deliver safe and effective services, especially in our underserved rural areas. I thank my colleagues in the Legislature for their work to pass this legislation and Governor Hochul for signing this important bill into law.”

Assemblyman Joseph Angelino said, “I am glad the governor signed this important piece of legislation. Direct Pay is the right thing to do, especially considering it passed unanimously in both the Assembly and the Senate. With Direct Pay now law, EMS providers can rest a little easier knowing they will receive the resources they need.”

County Executive Jason Garnar said, “Thanks to the hard work of so many from the ground up, all the way to the Governor’s office, this bill is a big help to our providers and EMS agencies, giving them an opportunity to focus more on continuing to provide the high level of medical care the people of our County are fortunate enough to have.”

David Tinklepaugh, Broome County EMS Coordinator said, “Our communities deserve no less than the best EMS coverage.Our agencies, their leadership and dedicated providers will now be able to perform their responsibilities of treating the sick and injured a little easier.Sincere appreciation for all of the support and advocacy of so many, especially the co-sponsors of Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Assemblyman Joseph Angelino, and Senator Lea Webb. The signing of the Direct Pay bill into law will have unmeasurable benefits for our community's safety and wellbeing.”