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A06967 Summary:

COSPNSRSeptimo, Clark, Carroll, Cymbrowitz, Benedetto, Galef, Simon, Thiele, Bronson, Steck, Epstein, Hevesi, Gonzalez-Rojas, Reyes, Dickens, Fahy, Glick, Stern, De La Rosa, Hunter, Colton, Rosenthal L, Lavine, Fernandez, Gallagher, Kelles, Dinowitz, O'Donnell, Rivera JD, Barron, Gottfried, Forrest, Burke, Burdick, Abbate, Anderson, Frontus, Peoples-Stokes, Mitaynes, Perry, Otis, Pichardo, Quart, Davila, Bichotte Hermelyn, Jackson, Mamdani, Taylor, Cruz, Burgos, Rivera J, Niou, Abinanti, Weprin, Walker, Cunningham, Seawright
Add Art 19 Title 13 §§19-1301 - 19-1313, En Con L; add Art 8-B §§228 - 229-b, amd §231, Lab L; add Art 8 Title 9-C §§1910 - 1939-c, Art 8 Title 36 §§2799-tttt - 2799-xxxxx, Pub Auth L; add Art 42 §§3039 - 3047, Art 43 §§3050 - 3059, Tax L; add §184, Exec L
Enacts the climate and community investment act; prioritizes the allocation of public investments in disadvantaged communities; addresses climate change challenges through the expansion and growth of clean and renewable energy sources; adopts best value requirements for the solicitation, evaluation and award of renewable energy projects; establishes a community just transition program; establishes a climate pollution fee and a household and small business energy rebate; creates the climate and community investment authority.
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