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S02078 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
Add Art 401 SS401.00 - 401.35, Pen L
Enacts personalized gun safety provisions creating a temporary state commission to adopt standards for firearms sold or manufactured in this state (and test prototypes) including, but not limited to, personalizing all firearms manufactured, assembled, altered, offered for sale, sold, traded, transferred, shipped, leased, distributed, acquired or possessed within the state so that only authorized users can operate them; requires manufacturers and others to comply with the standard four years from the date on which the commission's original standard is adopted; exempts antique firearms and those manufactured prior to the compliance date, except that dealers are prohibited from selling or otherwise transferring those guns; imposes penalties against those who manufacture, transport or ship firearms that do not meet the safety standard and against those who deface or alter the personalized characteristic; authorizes persons who are injured, or the representative of those killed, by the discharge of firearms not meeting the standard to bring an action against the person who fires the weapon and the owner thereof.
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