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A07509 Summary:

Rpld §105-a, §117-a sub 6, §64 sub 7 ¶¶b & f, amd ABC L, generally; amd §5, Chap 396 of 2010
Relates to the hours during which liquor and/or wine stores may be open on Sunday (Part A); permits the sale of beer at retail on Sundays; repeals certain provisions of law relating thereto (Part B); authorizes special permits to remain open during certain hours of the morning (Part C); permits certain retail licensees to purchase wine and liquor from certain other retail licensees (Part D); relates to permissible sales by license holders (Part E); allows multiple off-premises licenses (Part F); relates to licensing restrictions for manufacturers and wholesalers of alcoholic beverages and retail licensees (Part G); relates to the approval of seven day licenses to sell liquor at retail for consumption off the premises (Part H); adjusts licensing fees regarding certain alcoholic beverages (Part I); relates to notifying municipalities of the filing of certain applications (Part J); relates to changes of ownership of a licensed business (Part K); relates to the issuance of temporary retail permits; makes permanent certain provisions relating to liquidator's permits and temporary retail permits (Part L); relates to the issuance of temporary wholesale permits (Part M); relates to licenses issued for on premises consumption within two hundred feet of a building occupied as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship (Part N); repeals certain provisions relating to licenses for premises located within five hundred feet of other licensed premises (Part O).
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