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A04011 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Relates to the dormancy period of miscellaneous unclaimed property, payment of abandoned property, publication of notices of abandoned property, and written reports pertaining to payment of abandoned property; relates to reports by the commissioner regarding abandoned property; relates to payments from the abandoned property fund; relates to extending the disclosure and penalty provisions for transactions that present the potential for tax avoidance; directs the crediting of lottery prizes of more than six hundred dollars against liability for any tax administered by the commissioner of taxation and finance; extends certain provisions relating to extending dates of application of investment tax credit; provides a credit against income tax for persons or entities investing in low-income housing; relates to the excelsior jobs program; conforms laws to the federal Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act; extends certain provisions of laws relating to franchise tax; updates the tax classification of diesel motor fuel to be consistent with federal laws and makes the diesel tax structure consistent with this new tax treatment; makes a technical correction to the E85 definition; extends effectiveness related to alternative fuels tax exemptions; relates to the distribution of motor vehicle fees; relates to video lottery free play allowance program; relates to prize payout of certain instant lottery games; relates to prize payout for certain multi-jurisdictional lottery games; relates to multi-jurisdictional video lottery gaming; relates to licenses for simulcast facilities, sums relating to track simulcast, simulcast out-of-state thoroughbred races, simulcasting of races run by out-of-state harness tracks and distributions of wagers; extends related provisions; relates to application fees owed by retail dealers of businesses that sell tobacco products and owners of cigarette vending machines; establishes standards for electronic real property tax administration, allows the department of taxation and finance to use electronic communication means to furnish tax notices and other documents, mandatory electronic filing of tax documents, debit cards issued for tax refunds, and improves sales tax compliance; establishes the economic transformation and facility redevelopment program and providing tax benefits under that program.
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