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A04009 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Relates to Medicare part D; relates to early intervention services; relates to tobacco control and insurance initiatives pool distributions; relates to clinical laboratories; relates to the distribution of HEAL NY capital grants; extends numerous provisions of law; repeals provisions of law relating to elderly pharmaceutical insurance; relates to rates of payment and medical assistance; relates to the distribution of pool allocations and graduate medical education; relates to health care initiative pool distributions; extends payment provisions for general hospitals; extends access to community health care services in rural areas; continues the priority restoration adjustment; relates to medical and professional malpractice insurance; relates to the liquidation of domestic insurers; relates to rates of payment for personal care service providers, residential health care facilities and diagnostic and treatment centers; relates to payments to residential health care facilities and other reimbursements; authorizes bad debt and charity care allowances for certified home health agencies; relates to capital related inpatient expenses; relates to rates of payment for long term home health care programs; relates to the effectiveness of the child health insurance plan; relates to the suspension of eligibility for medical assistance; foregoes certain adjustments during the 2011-2012 state fiscal year; relates to the closure and the reduction in size of certain facilities serving persons with mental illness; relates to general hospital inpatient reimbursement for annual rates; establishes ceiling limitations for certain rates of payment; repeals certain provisions of the social services law relating to prescription drug payments; initiates a study to determine costs incurred by public school districts for certain medical care, services and supplies; relates to the calculation of capital costs; relates to the HIV special needs plan; relates to the pharmacy and therapeutics committee and the preferred drug program; relates to covered part D drugs, limited coverage for formula therapy, prescription footwear, speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy, payment for home health care nursing services, and coverage for smoking cessation counseling services, the furnishing of medical assistance to applicants with responsible relatives, and mail order prescriptions; relates to the commissioner of health's authority to negotiate agreements resolving multiple pending rate appeals; relates to diagnostic care centers; relates to temporary operator certificates for general hospitals or diagnostic and treatment centers; relates to health home services; relates to managed long term care plans and residential health care facilities; relates to insurance co-payments; provides palliative care support for patients with advanced life limiting conditions and illnesses; relates to the provision of home health care services; establishes a workgroup to develop a plan and draft legislation for the purpose of operating and managing public nursing homes; encourages cooperative, collaborative and integrative arrangements between health care providers, payers, and others; relates to the definition of estate; relates to the New York state medical indemnity fund and the New York state hospital quality initiative; requires compliance with operational standards by hospitals and providers of services in hospitals; creates an accountable care organization demonstration program; limits the reporting of death by the operator of an adult home or residence; requires preclaim review for participating providers of medical assistance program items and services; relates to seeking federal approvals to establish payment methodologies with accountable care organizations; relates to medical assistance for needy persons; relates to the character and adequacy of assistance; relates to residential health care facility supplemental payments, non-capital components of rates, and temporary nursing home stability contributions; authorizes the commissioner of health to enter into contracts for purposes of the Early Innovator federal grant award; and relates to applications for orders of rehabilitation or liquidation.
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