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A06844 Summary:

Add Art 22 SS480 - 488, Transp L; add S1270-f, amd SS1269 & 385, Pub Auth L; add S97-eeee, amdS61, St Fin L; amd S10, Hway L; amd S11, Chap 329 of 1991; amd S9, Chap 533 of 1993; amd S7, Chap312 of 1994; rpld S1227 sub 3, amd V & T L, generally; amd S246, Chap 81 of 1995; amd S81, ABC L;amd Part I S1, Chap 413 of 1999
Enacts into law major components of legislation relating to transportation which are necessary to implement the state fiscal plan for the 2005-2006 state fiscal year; relates to implementation of the rebuild NY transportation bond act of 2005; pension obligation bonds of the metropolitan commuter transportation authority; authorizes funding for the CHIPS program and Marchiselli program for SFY 2005-05, authorization of the state's five year transportation plan; suspension and revocation of driver's licenses for certain convictions; qualifications and disqualifications of commercial driver's license holders; open container requirements; value of debt that may be issued on behalf of the state department of transportation; including Seneca and Orleans counties within those counties receiving payments of mass transportation operating assistance; and the renew and rebuild NY transportation bond act of 2005.
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