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A05844 Summary:

SPONSORWeisenberg (MS)
COSPNSRPaulin, Ramos, Lifton, John, Clark, Carrozza, Lopez V, Titus, Kavanagh, Wright, Schimel, Alfano, Castro, Barron, Lancman, Millman, Townsend, Dinowitz, Robinson, Rosenthal, Mayersohn, Espaillat, Weinstein, Colton
MLTSPNSRBarra, Boyland, Brennan, Cook, Englebright, Galef, Gantt, Gottfried, Heastie, Jacobs, Maisel, McEneny, Pheffer, Scarborough, Towns
Amd S265.00, add SS265.45, 265.50, 265.55, 265.60, 265.65 & 265.70, Pen L; amd S396-ee, Gen Bus L; amd S305, Ed L
Enacts the "children's weapon accident prevention act"; creates crimes of failure to store a weapon safely in the first and second degrees, aggravated failure to store a weapon, and criminally negligent storage of a weapon in the first and second degrees; provides affirmative defenses; directs the commissioner of education to develop a weapons safety program.
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