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A05294 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRCalhoun, Fitzpatrick, Giglio, Hawley, Montesano, Palmesano, Tedisco, Murray, Ceretto, Miller D, Goodell, Curran
MLTSPNSRAmedore, Barclay, Burling, Butler, Castelli, Conte, Corwin, Crouch, Duprey, Finch, Jordan, Kolb, Lopez P, McDonough, McKevitt, McLaughlin, Miller J, Rabbitt, Raia, Reilich, Saladino, Sayward, Tenney, Walter
Amd S606, Tax L; amd SS401, 404-b & 404-f, V & T L; amd S92-a, Gen Muni L; add S202-l, Lab L; amd SS2780 & 2781, add S2781-a, Pub Health L; add S26, Vol Ffs Ben L; add S26, Vol Amb Wkr Ben L; add S307-a, County L; amd S4, Chap 668 of 1977
Enacts the "volunteer firefighter and ambulance worker protection and incentive act of 2011"; increases the volunteer firefighters' and volunteer ambulance workers' credit in the amount of five hundred dollars; exempts motor vehicles used in the performance of such volunteers' duties from registration fees, use taxes and special fees for volunteer license plates; establishes priority access to wireless telephone and text messaging services for emergency service; provides safety for employees who are late or miss work because they have responded to an emergency; eliminates the expiration on benefits for volunteer firefighters for disease and malfunction of the heart or coronary arteries.
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