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A01520 Summary:

COSPNSRWeprin, Galef, Russell, Hooper, Cusick, McDonough, Miller, Arroyo, Gottfried, Crespo, Robinson, Pichardo, Ramos, Fahy, Skoufis, Bronson, Hunter, Jean-Pierre, Lavine, Woerner, Paulin
MLTSPNSRBuchwald, Cook, Englebright, Lupardo, Magee, McDonald, Mosley, Rivera, Sepulveda, Simon, Solages, Thiele, Titone
Amd §§375 & 227, add §1174-a, V & T L; amd §§3621 & 3623-a, Ed L; amd §87, Pub Off L
Enacts the "school bus camera safety act" to authorize the installation and use of photo monitoring devices on school buses to detect and record vehicles illegally passing or overtaking a school bus; provides for owner liability of a motor vehicle detected by a camera to have illegally passed or overtaken a school bus; provides that liability shall be a civil fine equal to the traffic infraction fine imposed therefor; authorizes school districts to receive state aid for the purchase of such cameras.
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