Pheffer Amato Pushes PSEG to Reimburse Ratepayers Following Tropical Storm Isaias

August 19, 2020

South Queens, New York This past week, Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-South Queens), urged PSEG Long Island (“PSEG”) in a letter to announce a plan or provide a protocol for immediate reimbursement for her constituents- residents and businesses- who were left without power following Tropical Storm Isaias. Pheffer Amato stated in her letter that many residents and businesses lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in perishable food and medication due to PSEG’s failures of informing them when the power would return.

“Let's not forget, PSEG is a corporation, and they have failed their customers immeasurably without offering any type of financial assistance or reimbursement,” Pheffer Amato said. “They must remain accountable not only to the State government but to the ratepayers- my constituents- who were left without power and received inaccurate information for days.”

Pheffer Amato further stated in the letter that the widespread communication failures by PSEG left many of her constituents in the dark, without accountable answers and estimated time of returns (ETR), leaving them without vital information needed to make decisions for the health, safety, and welfare of their families.

As a result of the letter, PSEG has since announced that it will reimburse customers for spoiled food and medicine, if they suffered outages of 72 hours or more, from Tropical Storm Isaias. PSEG will reimburse residential customers up to $250 and commercial customers up to $5,000 for food spoilage if their service was interrupted for 72 hours or longer between Aug. 4, and Aug. 12, 2020 because of Tropical Storm Isaias. Customers can apply for reimbursement at until Sept. 16, 2020 to file claims. Please note that the reimbursement claims cannot be processed over the phone.