Pheffer Amato and Broad Channel Civic Work to Resolve Flooding Issues

Queens, NY New York State Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato and the Broad Channel Civic Association have been working in partnership to find a solution to the recent negligent behavior from certain MTA employees which has impacted residents. Over the past few rainstorms, MTA employees have raced down East 6th Road which has resulted in flood water being pushed into the properties of local residents.

Pheffer Amato met in person with the MTA leadership, including the Senior VP who oversees all stations and facilities, like the one on West Road. Pheffer Amato presented videos that clearly indicated the wrongdoing of these drivers and demanded a change. As a result, the MTA leadership said those drivers were personally addressed and they believed behavior should improve. “I told them directly that if I hear or see this happen again, there will be serious consequences for those who disrespect the neighborhood - and they agreed,” said Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato.

In addition, the Assemblywoman and the Broad Channel Civic are in the early stages of talking with the NYC Department of Transportation to convert West Road into a two-way street. This effort should provide some relief to the problem East 6th Road residents are facing. Community Board 14 has also been informed of the proposal. “The Civic and residents are grateful to Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato for always being our partner and directly contacting the MTA in an effort to resolve this problem and the egregious behavior on the part of their employees. We look forward to seeing better relations with our MTA neighbors and the improvements that are being brought to the community,” said Broad Channel Civic President Dan Mundy Jr.

To address the decades-long flooding issue in Broad Channel, Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato’s Office leads a monthly meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Broad Channel Civic to discuss the ongoing street raising projects. Pheffer Amato has been successful in securing that West 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th Roads have been raised which has alleviated most of the flooding for those residents. 17th Road is currently in the final stage of work. The Assemblywoman has been able to confirm that there is funding for additional streets like East 6th Road which has secured a design consultant and should be underway in the coming months. “Efforts like this are all about partnership and I want to thank the Broad Channel Civic and the neighbors who have worked with us to get real solutions. Your quality of life matters and I will continue to push and get the results you deserve,” said Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato.