Pheffer Amato Sets Record with Amazing Legislative Year

Queens, NY New York State Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato recently set a groundbreaking record as she had 27 pieces of legislation signed into law this year. The record sets Pheffer Amato as having the highest rate of success in legislation for an elected official in Queens County during 2023. Her legislation ranges from adding coverage for Thyroid Cancer for members of the FDNY (A.7679), to creating a childcare leave credit for the pension of members of the NYC Department of Corrections (A.6538); along with guaranteeing members of the TBTA (Triborough Bridges and Tunnel Authority) will receive a pension upon 20 years of service regardless of age (A.6571). Her work also included ensuring accidental disability retirement coverage for uniformed court officers and peace officers employed in the Unified Court System (A.4008) and providing for the automatic enrollment and reinstatement in the pension fund for employees of the NYC Board of Education Retirement System (BERS) (A.7156).

As the new Chairwoman of the New York State Committee on Governmental Employees, Pheffer Amato’s approach toward legislation proved incredibly effective as copious local residents have called to thank the Assemblywoman for passing these bills. The gratitude ranged from firefighters to court officers, to bridges and tunnel officers, and public school employees. "I spent this year focused on helping the hardworking men and women throughout our City and State - and especially here in our district as every bill had an impact on someone in the 23rd Assembly District. I rolled up my sleeves and fought for these bills - and I'm ready to fight for more protections and rights for our amazing public employees and their families in the upcoming legislative session," said Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato.

The Assemblywoman also received gratitude from unions from across the State:

Wayne Spence, President of the NYS Public Employees Federation (PEF) said, “On behalf of the 50,000 members of the New York State Public Employees Federation who work in all of the state agencies, we are very thankful for the leadership of New York State Governmental Employees Committee Chair Stacey Pheffer Amato and the work of her committee in supporting the state workforce.  Under Chairwoman Pheffer Amato’s leadership, New York State enacted specific policies to encourage and facilitate the ability of more New Yorkers to enter public service and for the state of New York to be a more competitive employer.  We are thankful for the Chairwoman’s continued support and advocacy on behalf of PEF members and all New Yorkers and we look forward to working with her to build upon these successes in the coming year.”

Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA), which represents over 275,000 governmental employees President Mary E. Sullivan said, “The enactment of these bills is a testament to Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato’s commitment to protecting and expanding the workplace rights and benefits of public employees across New York State. CSEA is grateful for the Assemblywoman’s advocacy, and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the 2024 legislative session.”

Andrew Ansbro, President of The Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) which represents the FDNY said, "The UFA is extremely happy with the passage of A.7414 and A.7679, and we cannot thank Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato enough for sponsoring them. These bills will help our members and their families immensely. These bills acknowledge the undeniable link between firefighting and thyroid cancer, and also allow our surviving spouses better healthcare options.”

Christina Lampropoulos, President of the Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority Superior Officers Benevolent Association said, “Our members are so grateful to Chairwoman Stacey Pheffer Amato for sponsoring this bill which recognizes the strain, risks and dangers of our job, and will provide a more equitable retirement plan for our members. Thank you  Assemblywoman for always supporting us and getting this bill signed into law.”

Peter Meringolo, Chairman of the New York State Public Employees Conference (PEC) which represents over 1,000,000 active and retired public employees said, "It has been so positive to see so many of these bills signed into law. I and all of PEC are grateful to Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato for carrying these bills and for the assistance in getting them passed. In addition, through her work with A.4008, Court Officers and Peace Officers in the court system now have the same protection as their counterparts in law enforcement. This is a tremendous step in securing equity!"

Patrick Cullen, President of the New York State Supreme Court Officers Association echoed those sentiments, “I offer the thanks of every New York State Court Officer. As the sponsor of the final bill that was passed … your advocacy is what led to its ultimate passage, and we could not be more appreciative … It is the hard work of lawmakers like yourself that see the positive effect your work can have on your fellow citizens and for that we are sincerely grateful to you and your team.”

The full list of the 27 bills Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato had signed into law this year are:


Pheffer Amato -- Establishes an adult Cystic Fibrosis assistance program


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to accidental disability retirement for uniformed court officers and peace officers employed in the unified court system


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to establishing a video on the dangers of drowning for infants and young children to be viewed by a parent and/or parents of newborn children


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to the calculation of final average salary for certain members of the New York state and local police and fire retirement system


Pheffer Amato -- Provides for accidental disability retirement for deputy sheriffs in Nassau County


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to reopening the age 55 improved benefit retirement program and the 25-year early retirement program to active and retired members and staff of the NYC council


Pheffer Amato -- Provides for special accidental death benefits for widows or widowers of certain deputy sheriff members of the New York city sheriff's department


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to a childcare leave credit for New York city uniformed correction officers who are members of the New York city uniformed correction/sanitation revised plan


Pheffer Amato -- Modifies the retirement program for Triborough bridge and tunnel members


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to additional member contributions for certain members under the age fifty-seven retirement program


Pheffer Amato -- Provides for the continuation of state health benefit plans for certain survivors of employees of the state and/or of a political subdivision or of a public authority


Pheffer Amato -- Provides for additional requirements for issuing civil service examination announcements


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to the suspension or demotion upon the abolition or reduction of non-competitive or labor class positions in the state service; repealer


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to the compensation of deputy public administrators in the city of New York


Pheffer Amato -- Provides for crediting of probationary service


Pheffer Amato -- Provides for the automatic enrollment of employees of the city of New York eligible to join the New York city board of education retirement system


Pheffer Amato -- Provides home addresses of certain employees to employee organizations


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to dual memberships in certain New York city retirement systems


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to the "wartime service" requirement


Pheffer Amato -- Extends provisions of law relating to temporary investments by local governments


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to health insurance coverage for surviving spouses or domestic partners of members of the New York city fire department


Pheffer Amato -- Extends the temporary "commission to prevent childhood drowning"


Pheffer Amato -- Extends for two fiscal years the current 7% per annum statutory rate of interest used in valuing retirement system liabilities for the purpose of computing the amount of employer contributions


Pheffer Amato -- Updates certain death benefit provisions of the New York city employees' retirement system, the New York city teachers' retirement system, and the board of education retirement system of New York city


Pheffer Amato -- Includes thyroid cancer in the list of cancers presumed to be incurred in the performance of duty for purposes of disability retirement


Pheffer Amato -- Relates to service rendered by investigators and sworn officers of the waterfront commission of New York harbor


Pheffer Amato -- Provides for compensation and other terms and conditions of employment of certain state officers and employees; repealer; appropriation