Protecting Our Neighbors from Eviction & Foreclosure

Hi Everyone!

Ayat Hussieni is the Community Liaison for Assembly Member Mamdani’s office.

Ayat is our office’s lead organizer, meaning she works alongside our neighbors to take our power back! Additionally, she works on constituent services – assisting our constituents with everything from unemployment claims to broken street lights. Ayat comes to this role from a background in refugee resettlement, a job which was built on navigating many of the same government programs that she now liaises with for my constituent services work.

Ayat is a lifelong Astorian who’s seen eviction firsthand – now she fights for a future where no one is priced out of our community.

Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium

As you may know, tenants won an eviction & foreclosure moratorium across New York State late last year. This is a blanket moratorium that protects tenants from eviction and homeowners from foreclosure until February 26th. To be protected after that date, tenants/homeowners must complete the Hardship Declaration form that attests that they have either faced increased costs due to the pandemic OR that moving would increase a health risk for them or a member of their household. Once this form is completed and sent to the local court & landlord/mortgage lender or foreclosing party, a renter or homeowner is protected from eviction or foreclosure until at least May 1, 2021. There is an online form for tenants facing eviction, and it can be found at It will automatically be sent to your landlord and your local court. For homeowners — use this form:

The hardship declaration only takes a few minutes to complete – but for any assistance either filling out the form or answering any questions, please contact our office at (718) 545-3889 or send an email to