Gray Comments on U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Supplemental Environmental Assessment Public Scoping Plan

“I commend Sen. Chuck Schumer for his stance against this so-called ‘stealth plan’ and his efforts to ensure our voices are heard. It’s essential our federal agencies operate not in secrecy, but with full transparency and accountability to the people they serve.”

“As the elected representative of the people in my district, I must express my profound disapproval of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) recent decision to limit public scoping for their Supplemental Environmental Assessment to impersonal mail and email communications. This approach not only undermines the public’s trust in the process but also demonstrates a clear disregard for the fundamental principles of public policy and community engagement.”

“It is my firm belief that any plan that has the potential to significantly impact our local ecosystem, the natural beauty of our surroundings and the quality of life for our constituents requires direct and transparent communication. The absence of in-person public interaction in this process is a missed opportunity for the CBP to connect with the very individuals who will live with the results of their decisions.”

“Our community thrives on its unique environment and the local tourism economy, which is intrinsically linked to the preservation of our natural landscapes. The CBP’s current approach fails to respect these crucial elements, and I cannot condone any action that might jeopardize them.”

“I have continually encouraged the CBP to establish a stronger public presence. It is critical they listen to our concerns, discuss the aesthetics and functionality of their facilities openly and interact appropriately within the community. Only through direct engagement can we ensure the CBP’s actions reflect our shared values and priorities.”

“I urge the CBP to reconsider their current strategy and to implement a more inclusive and participatory public scoping process. I stand with my constituents in demanding a forum where their voices can be heard and their opinions genuinely considered. Our community deserves no less.”

“On behalf of our community, I thank the Senator for his continued leadership on this critical issue.”