Assemblyman Scott Gray Announces New Legislation Granting Local Control in Accepting and Placing Migrants

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) is pleased to announce his newly introduced legislation, A.8072, which aims to empower municipal corporations to approve facilities to house asylum seekers. This new legislation not only reinforces local control but also establishes a comprehensive review process that incorporates public notice and input as well as ensures local safety codes are enforced. More than a dozen members of the Assembly have signed onto the legislation as a cosponsor, underscoring the necessity of the provisions.

“My proposed legislation recognizes the importance of local control by giving local governments and community members the final say in the acceptance and placement of migrants in their jurisdiction,” said Gray. “Giving municipal corporations the authority to approve housing facilities for asylum seekers is crucial for local communities in shaping policy for housing and services and for promoting collaboration and consideration of community needs.”

The legislation mandates any facility seeking to provide mass shelter or housing for refugees seeking asylum must receive approval from the respective municipal corporation before establishment. This significant step ensures decisions regarding the placement of migrants align with the needs and capacities of the local community. A thorough and transparent review process will be conducted, including public notices and the opportunity for the community to provide comments, followed by a decision from the municipality within eight weeks for efficient and accountable decision-making.

“By granting local control and ensuring public involvement, this bill will help create a more informed approach to mitigate potential issues associated with housing requests and prevent any inhumane practices when communities cannot meet their needs,” Gray concluded.