The Gray Area Episode Three

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) is releasing the third episode of ‘The Gray Area’ video series covering the week of February 27-March 3. Gray discusses the governor’s proposed Medicaid intercept of $625 million in federal funds that is meant to be delivered to the counties. Gray says this intercept by the state would only be part of a larger trend to cover the state’s out-of-control spending habits. The New York State of Association of Counties (NYSAC) is also against the intercept and is one of the many groups that met with Gray in Albany this week.

“It is important for people back at home to understand what the governor is proposing with the Medicaid intercept,” said Gray. “Counties have been counting on this money for years, without it they will be forced to make up for the shortfall by raising property taxes. The governor must recognize the seriousness of this issue at a time when New Yorkers are leaving our state at a record rate and provide the funds to the counties as the U.S Congress intended.

“I once again want to thank the many groups who paid my office a visit in Albany this week. Keep up the great work and the advocacy!”

Episode three can be viewed here: