Gray Joins Bipartisan Group of County Executives Opposed to Gov. Hochul’s Proposed Medicaid Shift

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) is joining members of The New York state Association of Counties (NYSAC) to push against Gov. Hochul’s proposal within the Executive Budget that would withhold federal Medicaid funding from counties. The governor’s proposal would withhold $625 million in federal funds that counties have been banking on for years to offset the increase in Medicaid funding. Minority and Majority county executives alike are opposed to this plan, which will only lead to increased property taxes if enacted.

“After serving 21 years in the Jefferson County Legislature, I understand the importance of federal fund allocations,” said Gray. “With Medicaid coverage expanding since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, counties have been setting their budgets with this $625 million in mind. New York state has increasingly relied on county revenue intercepts to disguise and support its wayward spending habits. The state has previously intercepted sales tax revenue, aid meant for distressed hospitals, passed AIM payment responsibilities onto the counties, and now wants to intercept Medicaid payments intended for county-level services.

“Gov. Hochul must recognize the seriousness of this issue and release these Medicaid funds to the counties as the U.S. Congress intended.”