Smullen Promotes Broadband Speed Test for All New Yorkers

Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,I,SAM-Meco) today announced that a significant step in the fight for further broadband access has been taken. The New York State Broadband Program Office is now asking the public to provide input and data via a survey and an internet speed test, to see what the real picture is for broadband access for our citizens. Smullen has championed the issue of broadband access for Upstate New York since his election in 2018.This has become even more important during the recent pandemic, with schools having remote learning, seniors using telemedicine to get health care, and people working from home.

​“I’m optimistic we can now get the real picture of broadband access for our citizens in rural areas, now that the state is going to do a real survey,” Smullen said. “I’ve pounded the broadband drum since my first day in office, and it’s so important now that everyone participates in the speed test survey.We need to know who has what internet speed where, so we can make common sense decisions to get broadband to as many people as possible.” 

“The internet is a critical part of our lives. People use it for school, for work, and for healthcare. It’s not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity, and despite the differences between rural and urban life, we can’t leave our citizens on the wrong side of the digital divide any longer,” Smullen concluded.

All people in our communities are encouraged to take the speed test by clicking this link to check their internet speed. Please publicize this speed test to all our citizens.Thank you!