How Would You Fix the MTA?

October 2, 2017

In light of the sustained mass transit crisis in NYC, The Speaker of the Assembly has called a special conference in Albany with the Assembly Majority on October 17th to discuss ways to improve the MTA.

I want to hear from you before I go back to Albany to discuss mass transit with my fellow state legislators.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this special transit survey.

You can also email me with your own ideas for fixing the MTA at

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Do you support Congestion Pricing as a way to fund better services for the MTA?
Congestion Pricing is a plan to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to support the transit infrastructure by charging drivers to enter the most congested parts of Manhattan during peak business hours by tolling the East River bridges and charging drivers to cross 60th Street. The plan would also include lowering tolls on bridges that do not enter the Central Business District.

Do you support a Millionaires Tax as a way to fund better service for the MTA?
A millionaires tax would be a tax for wealthy New York City residents to pay for subway and bus upgrades and for reduced fares for more riders. It would increase the city’s highest income tax rate to 4.4 percent from about 3.9 percent, for married couples with incomes above $1 million and individuals who make more than $500,000.

Do you support the Assembly Floating a Bond in order to raise more funds for the MTA?
The Legislature can pass a bill so that voters of the state of New York can approve a general obligation bond to be floated by the State of New York for $4.5 billion dollars so that the state can infuse the MTA Capital Budget with much needed funds so that the MTA could modernize signals and switches and purchase modern open gangway subway cars.

Do you support a Taxi/Ride Sharing Surcharge in order to raise more funds for the MTA?
Currently, the state levies a 50 cent MTA surcharge on each yellow and green taxi ride. The surcharge can be increased to one dollar and this surcharge can be applied to black cars, Uber and other ride sharing applications. This would bring in between $225 million - $300 million dollars in funding for the MTA.

Do you support the Governor calling an Efficiency Task Force in order to root out waste for the MTA?
The MTA is the most expensive transit system in the world, even in comparison to other peer cities like London and Paris which are both old and dense, but can keep operating costs low. The Governor can convene a task force to find out why it costs so much to operate and root out waste and inefficiencies.

Do you support dedicating some of the State’s Personal Income Tax to the MTA?
The state can divert a small percentage of state personal income tax from counties served by the MTA towards the MTA’s capital expenses.

Do you support a new vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) tax as a better way to fund the MTA?
A VMT fee charges motorists based on their road usage measured in mileage. New technology may combine GPS and E-ZPass-like hardware to record and transmit miles for periodic billing and payment.

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