Carroll Joins Launch of New York Campaign for Early Literacy

Movement to reform and improve outcomes in early childhood literacy instruction in New York gains momentum

Albany, NY –– Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D/WF-Brooklyn) joined with legislative colleagues and advocates today to launch the New York Campaign for Early Literacy.

The New York Campaign for Early Literacy is made up of nearly 80 organizations and individuals committed to improving reading outcomes for children in New York State by seeing New York adopt practices aligned with the science of reading. New York is one of only a handful of states that have yet to enact any laws related to the science of reading. According to the results of the State’s 2022 assessment test, less than half of the State’s third graders were reading at grade level with the figures for some cities with high concentrations of poverty – such as Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse – significantly lower.

Assemblymember Carroll has been in the forefront of the movement to reform how New York approaches teaching literacy to children. In her FY 25 Executive Budget, Governor Hochul included elements of Carroll’s Right to Read legislation (A.2897/S.5480), which would establish policy changes that promote the use of evidence-based practices for all kindergarten through fifth grade students in schools throughout that state.

“I commend all the groups and individuals that are part of the New York Campaign for Early Literacy for leading the fight to see that literacy education for children in our State follows the science of reading. I believe every child has the right to read and I have been committed to reforming New York’s approach to teaching reading since joining the legislature seven years ago. It’s thanks to our combined efforts that the Governor in this year’s Executive Budget has included measures regarding literacy education embracing evidence-based practices,” said Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D/WF-Brooklyn). “The fight is far from over and we must now ensure that a comprehensive legislative framework is put in place and the necessary resources committed so that all children in New York State become fluent readers and successful students.”

Assemblymember Carroll himself grew up with dyslexia and experienced first-hand how much of a difference evidence-based reading interventions can make.