Rozic Statement on the Passing of NYPD Sergeant Linhong Li / 州眾議員李羅莎關於紐約市李林鴻警佐

Fresh Meadows, NY – In response to the news of the tragic passing of an off-duty NYPD Sergeant, Linghong Li, Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D,WF-Fresh Meadows) issued the following statement:

“Today I join the Queens community and New Yorkers across the city in mourning the tragic loss of Sergeant Li. Let us keep his family in our thoughts throughout this difficult time and remember the other nine NYPD officers who passed this year due to suicide.

Sergeant Li’s untimely passing is a deeply unfortunate call to action that we can no longer overlook the mental health needs of officers who report for duty every day to protect and serve our city and state. Moving forward, it is critical that we respond to the rising number of suicides with greater awareness and understanding of the changes that must be implemented to ensure mental health services are routinely utilized among law enforcement.”

Sergeant Li lived in Fresh Meadows and served in the 24th Precinct in Manhattan. The NYPD is reminding offers struggling with suicidal thoughts to reach out for help. More information on services offered within the Department, by the City of New York, and partner organizations can be found by visiting

新鮮草原, 紐約 – 關於休班警佐李林鴻 的不幸過身, 州眾議員李羅莎(D,WF-新鮮草原) 發表這個公告:

“今天我與皇后區和全紐約市居民一起哀悼李林鴻警佐。 在這難過的時候 讓我們對他的家人表示關心和想念今年其他九位也自盡的警員。

李警佐的不幸過身是對大家的一個警示,我們不能繼續忽視每天上班保護和 服務我們的城市與州警員的精神健康。我們面對着日趨上升的警員自殺案必 需增加關於精神健康服務所需改革的意識和理解,確保警界常規利用精神健 康服務。”

李林鴻警佐住在新鮮草原, 在曼哈頓第二十四警區當任。紐約市警察局提醒所有有自殺意 念的警員可找到援助。紐約市警察局,市政府,和合作團體提供的有關服務和資料: