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West Side Sanitation Survey

Calling All Blocks in the Northern Part of the 67th Assembly District!

Have you noticed an increase in trash on your block? Are your public trash cans routinely overflowing? Have they been removed altogether?

If you said yes, you are not alone! I have heard from neighbors across the 67th Assembly District and elsewhere that trash is simply out of control.

I completed a walkthrough of the northern portion of the district in February with the New York City Department of Sanitation’s (DSNY) Chief of Cleaning Operations, Paul Visconti. Streets that had seen a considerable uptick in garbage were placed on a watch list and many missing garbage cans have since been replaced. I will be conducting the second phase of the sanitation walkthrough of the southern part of the district on Friday, July 19th.

If you would like your block added to the Southern Sanitation Survey list, please fill out the form below. And, if you have photographic evidence of the trash conditions, please email photos to