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Join the Fight for Better Bus Service on the West Side

The bus is a lifeline for those who rely on public transportation to traverse the City. Without dependable service, many residents are forced to seek alternative modes of transportation, leaving the city's fleet vulnerable to further budget and service cuts. Over the past year, New Yorkers took 350,000 fewer rides on the M104 than in 2015, representing an overall 10% change in service. The MTA points to the M104's dwindling ridership numbers as a reason for not assigning additional buses along this route; yet, my constituents have painted a very different story than the MTA's circular logic. New Yorkers are foregoing bus service for one simple reason: bus service has become unreliable since the MTA's drastic 2010 budget cuts. The MTA's proposed service cuts to the crosstown M66, which won the Straphanger's Pokey Award in 2015, and M72 lines further added insult to injury. This is where you come in. My office is asking constituents to share their bus service stories and to sign my petition to the MTA to increase service along these routes. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my district office at (212) 873-6368 or via email at