Assemblyman Keith Brown’s January through March 2024 Newsletter

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Assemblyman  Keith P. Brown

On November 3, 2020, Keith P. Brown emerged victorious in the New York State Assembly election to represent parts of Suffolk County, encompassing the vibrant towns of Huntington, Babylon, and Islip.

Leveraging his extensive legal insight and background in small business, Keith has embarked on steadfast efforts to bolster the small business community and propel economic growth across Long Island. His work addresses present challenges and paves the way for a future marked by prosperity.

With a family deeply rooted in law enforcement, Keith possesses a unique insight into the complexities associated with New York’s recent criminal justice reforms and the growing push to “defund” the police. In his dedication to ensuring community safety, he has voted to reinstate greater judicial discretion and repeal bail reform measures.

Keith’s commitment extends beyond law and order. He is resolute in his pursuit of lowering taxes, fostering a cleaner Long Island Sound, and attracting increased state investment to tackle water and sewer infrastructure needs. Keith has accomplished this by championing the much-needed Environmental Bond Act and co-authoring a paper about the need for updated sewers.

A proud graduate of SUNY Albany, Keith’s journey includes a pivotal internship with former New York State Senator Norman J. Levy. His legal prowess was honed at Touro College Law Center, where he currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Institute on Land Use and Sustainable Development Law.

Before establishing his law firm, Keith made significant contributions as a litigator. He held a distinguished role at the New York State Office of the Attorney General, serving as Assistant Attorney General in the Litigation Bureau and defending the state in federal and state courts.

As a founding partner of Brown & Altman, LLP, Keith is pivotal in representing diverse corporate clients in complex real estate matters like zoning and land-use regulation.

In his personal life, Keith, alongside his wife Barbara and their three children, calls Northport home—a place where aspirations and accomplishments converge. Together, they are committed to shaping a brighter future for their cherished community.

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Brown Helps Organize 3rd Annual Strengthening the System of Care for Co-Occurring Disorders Long Island Conference

Editor’s Note: To register as a sponsor for this event, please use the link on the flyer. The flyer can be found here. Assemblyman Keith P. Brown (R,C-Northport) helped organize the 3rd Annual Strengthening the System of Care for Co-Occurring Disorders...

Brown: No More Delays—Our State Budget Needs to be Passed Now

“Just this past Thursday, April 4, 2024, a second emergency budget extender was passed, yet here we are back in session just three days later passing a third. New Yorkers will not tolerate a repeat of last year’s extreme delay in state budget proceedings—residents,...

Brown: New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller’s Death Could Have Been Prevented

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My thoughts go out to the family of New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller who was tragically shot to death during a routine traffic stop in Queens last week. Some individuals, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams, are quick to blame recidivism...

Brown Stands With New York State’s Legal Cannabis Industry and Supports Assembly Bill A.9520

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“While selling cannabis products is legal in New York state and has been for some time now, businesses and sellers still need to follow all regulations associated with our state’s cannabis law. Selling cannabis products to the public is not a right,...

Brown Supports Call to Bring Hamas’ Hostages Home

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“It is terrible to see the families of the 134 hostages being held in Gaza continue to suffer. The hostages have been held for 179 days now, and of the 134 hostages, two of them are New Yorkers—Omer Neutra and Edan Alexander. Until we see their immediate...

Brown: Covid-19 Claimed 80,000 New York Lives Since 2020—This Death Toll is Not to be Taken Lightly

“I am very proud Congressman Molinaro and my colleagues from both the Assembly and Senate Minority Conferences have come together to call for an independent COVID-19 study to be done. Families and individuals throughout our state were impacted in some...
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