Gandolfo Calls for Hold on Governor’s Salary until a Budget is Passed

Assemblyman Jarett Gandolfo (R,C-Sayville) has introduced a bill that would withhold the New York governor’s salary after the April 1st budget deadline until a state budget has been passed.

The intent is to align the governor’s paycheck disbursement rules with that of state legislators, who have their pay withheld until a budget is passed and approved. Gandolfo sees his bill as a logical leveling of the playing field.

“One of the basic responsibilities of our government is to produce a state budget by April 1st. Failure to do so hinders government operations and can delay paychecks to our hardworking state employees,” Gandolfo said. “Members of the Assembly and Senate do not get paid when we have a late budget, and rightfully so. Why should the Governor continue to get paid while this constitutional obligation remains unfulfilled?”