Blumencranz: Melanie’s Law Should Be Passed Immediately

Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz (R,C-Oyster Bay) supports Assemblyman Anil Beephan, Jr. (R,C-East Fishkill), Assemblyman Brian A. Cunningham (D-43rd District), Sen. Michelle Hinchey, Sen. Rob Rolison and Cheryl Chianese, the mother of Melanie Chianese, in advocating for the immediate passage of Melanie’s Law (A.6026/S.6288). Melanie was tragically killed by her mother’s ex-boyfriend after Melanie was not included in her mother’s order of protection—she was deemed ineligible due to her age. Melanie’s Law will change this to allow courts to issue orders of protection for immediate family members or household members of victims of domestic violence, regardless of age.

“Melanie Chianese’s life should never have been taken,” said Blumencranz. “The fact that she was denied the same protection as her mother and son because of her age is ridiculous and resulted in a terrible yet ultimately preventable tragedy. Melanie’s Law should be passed immediately to ensure that other families who bravely step up to ask the court for necessary orders of protection are not turned away due to age. I fully support the efforts of Assembly and Senate members who have tirelessly fought to push this legislation through.”

Editor’s Note: To read Melanie’s Law (A.6026/S.6288), please click here.