Manktelow: Pump the Brakes on School EV Bus Mandate

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C-Lyons) joined his colleagues at a press conference today to outline concerns over a mandate that requires school districts to replace their transportation fleets fully with emission-free vehicles by July 1, 2027. Calling the proposal “unreasonable and unattainable,” the lawmakers said the state should study the feasibility of the idea before asking taxpayers to spend billions on the conversion.

“We support the idea that it is in everyone’s best interest to do their part for our planet – and that’s why we’re so proud New York state is one of the leaders when it comes to having the lowest carbon footprints,” said Manktelow, who is a sponsor of the bill to push back the full implementation of the mandate until 2047. “We also want to make sure families can afford to put food on the table, pay their mortgage, save money for college – and, most importantly, continue to call New York their home. If Albany continues to force unreasonable mandates onto the backs of taxpayers in timelines that simply don’t make sense, families are going to suffer – and be forced to move out of state.”

Manktelow said he hopes the governor will reconsider, not only to protect taxpayers’ wallets and fiscal stability but also to protect public safety. He pointed out that while electric vehicle technology is an emerging field, especially when it comes to transporting schoolchildren, the state has a higher safety obligation. He said concerns about the battery life of EV buses, charging stations, costs for repairs and availability of parts were other concerns he heard about from school districts that needed better answers from Albany before this mandate could be imposed fully statewide.