Manktelow On NYSERDA Feasibility Study Findings

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C-Lyons) applauds a recently-published report by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) on the practicality of placing wind turbines in the Great Lakes.

“Further evaluation of the Great Lakes Wind Energy Feasibility Study shows this is not beneficial to the people of New York,” said Manktelow. “Through current technology we can develop and incorporate more cost-effective strategies that will meet the goals of the CLCPA and not break the backs of New York taxpayers. Not only are there higher costs compared to other renewable energy generations, but there are undoubtedly unforeseen risks with implementing new technologies for Great Lakes Wind. These risks include a lack of existing supply chain and increased costs associated with upgrades of ports and vessels to build the necessary platforms and developments that would undoubtedly disrupt wildlife and businesses along the coast”

“The state is heading toward greener renewable energy, but plans like Great Lake Wind do little to move the needle in the right direction. Lake-shore residents would be left with their impeccable views obstructed by wind turbines. Our residents along the shoreline savor the beauty of the wildlife, and views many can only dream of. Should this plan move forward, any and all near-shore development will likely spoil the calming nature of the waves crashing on the shores.”

Review of the study notes that, “Based on the totality of this analysis, this concludes that Great Lakes Wind currently does not offer a unique, critical or cost-effective contribution toward the achievement of New York State’s Climate Act goals.”