Statement on Israel

Dear Friend,

These last few days have been like living a nightmare. The kidnappings and brutal murders that have and continue to happen in Israel have wounded all of us, to the point where it is almost impossible to keep living a normal day-to-day life even though we are here in New York thousands of miles away. There seems to be no end in sight, and each day we hear of more atrocities being perpetrated on Israelis.

The sorrow that I am experiencing is not abstract for me. I have family living in Israel and have relatives who have been called up to fight. What is happening in Israel, however, whether or not you have family there, affects all of us. 

As I mentioned earlier this week on Twitter/X when the initial attack occurred, I stand firmly behind Israel and feel strongly that Israel must defend itself and prevail. Women and men, children and the elderly, are being kidnapped and murdered by Hamas militants. I have always appreciated and supported the IDF, and now more than ever I hope that the world supports what they are doing for Israel and for democracy. Israel is the only democracy in the region and I hope that people can now clearly see who and what they are supporting when they root for Hamas as a solution for the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

My prayers are with the Israeli people and their friends and family in New York and around the world. We all know though that prayers are not enough. I will continue to support Israel and democracy as the path to peace.

Amy Paulin