Statement of Assemblymember Amy Paulin on the Robb Elementary School Shooting

What happened yesterday at Robb Elementary School is beyond words.

As a parent, I am overwhelmed with grief for the families of those who were killed. As a citizen, I am outraged that once again, gun violence has cut short the lives of children.

My prayers are with the families of Uvalde, Texas who have lost a child, friend, parent or mentor. But it’s not enough to pray.

We have been here too many times before.

Just eleven days ago, we mourned those shot in a grocery store in Buffalo. Today we stand together facing another horrific tragedy. This is just devastating, and almost impossible to bear.

This is not the way the world should be.

Kids should not have to go to school thinking that they might be shot that day. Parents should not drop off their kids at school and have it be the last time they ever see them alive.

This is no way to live.

This country must have a comprehensive reevaluation of its out-of-control gun culture and policies.

On an average day in the U.S., more than 110 people are shot and killed by a gun. And there have been more mass shootings in the U.S. so far in 2022 than days in the year.

Our federal government and our state legislature must pass bills to end our gun crisis. And I will not stop fighting until they do.