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Haitian Refugees Letter to President Biden

Cruz가 Schumer에게: 이 문제는 더 미룰 수 없습니다. 2021년 중에 이민 개혁이 필요합니다!

뉴욕 올버니 (2021/09/20)-금일 뉴욕 주 하원의 뉴 아메리칸 TF 위원장인 Catalina Cruz 하원의원이,...

Cruz a Schumer: Esto no puede esperar más tiempo. ¡Necesitamos una Reforma Migratoria en el 2021!

Albany, NY – Hoy, la asambleísta Catalina Cruz, presidenta del Comisión Especial para Nuevos Americanos de la Asamblea del Estado de Nueva York, publicó la siguiente declaración sobre la resolución de ayer por...

Cruz to Schumer: This Can Not Wait Any Longer. We Need Immigration Reform in 2021!

Albany, NY – Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz, Chair of the New York State Assembly Task Force on New Americans released the following statement today on yesterday’s ruling by U.S. Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough against the Majority’s...

Request for FEMA Assistance for Hurricane Ida Victims in New York State Who Are Without a Social Security Number

Protecting Students in New School Year by Providing Remote Learning Option

Expanding Access to Healthcare via Modification to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Afghan Refugees Letter

Cruz 의원이 미 상원에게 이민 계혁 예산안 제의

NY 올버니 (2021/07/15) -- 뉴욕 주 하원에서 뉴 아메리칸 태스크 포스 회장을 맡고 있는 Catalina...

Assembly Passes Cruz-Gianaris Proposal Mandating a Consumer Advocate on the Public Service Commission

Albany – Assembly Member Catalina Cruz announced the State Assembly passed her legislation (A.5838/S.1199) mandating a consumer advocate have a voting seat on the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC).Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris...
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 Task Force on New Americans Chair  Catalina Cruz Catalina Cruz


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