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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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The New York State Assembly makes a wide variety of helpful publications available to the public free of charge.

You can request publications by completing the following four-step electronic request form or by contacting the Assembly Public Information Office at (518) 455-4218.

You can also use the Internet request form to sign up for electronic mail notices when new publications are added, or if you have a particular area of interest.

Please note that the Assembly takes the confidentiality of any information you provide seriously. The Assembly will not release, sell or give away any information provided--including electronic and postal addresses--without your express permission. Also, if you request to receive electronic mail notices, they will contain simple instructions to allow you to discontinue receiving them at any time.

 Step 1   Select the publication(s) you wish to receive
Note that many of the Assembly's publications are available in English or Spanish. Please select your preference:   English    Español

Agriculture - explains state agricultural tax reforms and programs helping the state's largest industry -- agriculture.
AIDS - reports on the fight against AIDS in NYS and where to get information on AIDS treatments.
Air Bag Safety - reports on air bag safety and explains the dangers of putting children in the front seat of vehicle with air bags.
Alcohol Purchase Law - explains penalties and enforcement of New York's strict Alcohol Purchase and Zero Tolerance Laws.
American Flag - explains proper way to handle and dispose of American Flag.
Auto Leasing - explains protections for consumers leasing vehicles.
Bike Safety and Helmet Law - information on bicycle rules of the road and on the state's bicycle helmet law.
Bill Becomes a Law - shows how your idea can become state legislation and, ultimately, be signed into state law.
Bottle Law - explains New York's bottle return program and how the deposit system works.
Breast Cancer/Tax Contribution - provides information on how taxpayers can contribute to breast cancer research and education.
Carbon Monoxide - explains the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to detect this odorless invisible, deadly gas.
Child Support - outlines the child support system in the state and explains some of the responsibilities of parents.
Clean Air Act - outlines the NYS Clean Indoor Air Act which restricts smoking in public places.
(Paying for) College - brief overview of state and federal college financing programs.
Co-ops New York City - Explains the basic laws of co-op conversion and ownership.
Co-ops Nassau, Westchester & Rockland counties - Explains the basic laws of co-op conversion and ownership.
Consumer Rights - consumer tips on how to avoid being scammed.
Credit Cards - answers common questions about credit and credit card usage.
Crime Watch - safety tips on how to avoid being a crime victim.
Domestic Violence and Stalking Laws - outlines laws that protect victims of domestic violence and stalking.
Drunk Driving Laws - overview of New York's tough drunk driving laws and penalties for driving while drunk.
E.D.I.T.H (Exit Drills in the Home) - illustrated explanation of fire safety plans everyone should practice in their home.
Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Plan (EPIC) - answers questions about who is eligible for the State's prescription plan for senior citizens.
Generic Drugs - information on the generic drug law and how it can save consumers money.
Health Care Proxy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Health Care Proxy Law which allows proxies to make your health care decisions if you can't.
Homeowners - consumer tips for homeowners on tax savings, insurance, and how to avoid scams aimed at homeowners.
Household Hazardous Waste - information on how to properly dispose of household hazardous wastes.
Identity Theft Protection - Tips on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft.
Lead Poisoning - how to lessen the chances of lead poisoning in your home.
The Legislative Process and YOU - a brief description of the legislative process and an overview of how a bill becomes a law
Lemon Law - consumer guide on the State's "Lemon Law," which protects consumers on sale of new and used cars.
Lobbying - citizen's guide on how to lobby in Albany for issues important to you and your community.
Long Term Health Insurance - information on New York State's innovative Long Term Care Insurance program.
Lyme Disease - FAQs about how to protect you and your family from lyme disease.
Managed Care - information on consumer protections for individuals receiving health care from health maintenance organizations.
Organ Donation - FAQs about organ donation and where to get more information on it.
Patients' Rights - Information on the NYS Patients Bill of Rights as well as phone numbers to call if you have questions about quality of health care.
Phone Scams - consumer information on telemarketing scams and how to get your name taken off telemarketer lists.
Playing it Safe - safety tips for parents and children.
Prompt Payment Law - questions and answers on the Prompt Payment Law and how it helps business.
Radon - information on radon, a potentially deadly gas found in many homes today.
Real Property Tax Credit for Homeowners and Renters - provides information on this important tax benefit for senior citizens and lower income families.
Safety Tips for Seniors - crime prevention tips for senior citizens.
Sales Tax - lists taxable and tax exempt products sold in New York State.
Say No to Drugs - tips for children and teens on how to fight peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol.
Senior Citizen Programs - overview of senior citizens programs in the state which help cut costs of taxes, transportation and utilities.
Small Business - helpful information and phone numbers for small business owners.
Smoke Detector - FAQs on the smoke detector law.
Solid Waste Reduction - tips on how to reduce your household wastes.
Spousal Impoverishment - information on how this law helps seniors avoid spending their life savings on nursing home costs.
Summer Reading - explains the Assembly's Summer Reading Program for youths and lists suggested books for summer reading.
Teen Suicide - guide on how to recognize warning signs of teen suicide and alcohol and drug use.
Tenantsí Rights NYS, New York City - Outlines tenantsí rights and protections.
Tenantsí Rights Nassau, Westchester & Rockland counties - Outlines tenantís rights and protections.
There Ought To Be A Law - comment sheet to send to your Assembly representative on ideas you think might make good laws.
Utility Consumers - overview on consumer rights with utility companies.
Veterans - overview of veterans programs in the state.
Volunteer Firefighters - explains the state's Volunteer Firefighter's Benefit Law and protections due volunteer firefighters.
Voter Registration - includes a voter registration form and information on voter registration.
Water Conservation - tips on how to save water in your home.
Welcome to the State Assembly - information about the Assembly and a listing of Assembly committee meetings.
Women Veterans - explains programs in the state aimed at women veterans.
Workers Rights - overview of unemployment insurance, occupational safety and health, and other rights of workers in New York.
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