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Welcome to my New York State Assembly Web page.

You can use this page to easily access information about the work I do both in Albany and at home to pass laws designed to build a stronger, healthier and more vibrant New York. You can also access the legislation I sponsor, the committees I sit on and contact information to reach me.

In addition, you can use the entire Assembly Web site as a great way to stay apprised of new legislation that impacts our state as well as the Assembly District. I encourage you to visit this site often to keep yourself up to date on various issues, news and legislative hearings. Thank You for visiting.

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Crouch: One-House Budget Will Lead to More Taxes

“Today, as in years past, we were presented the Assembly One-House Budget Resolution, which is jam-filled with social programs and overspending. Although there were some things that will benefit the Southern Tier, I can’t help but notice the rampant...

March 14, 2018
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Crouch Weighs In On Percoco Conviction

“It’s pretty ironic to see a top aide to the governor who claims to be the toughest on corruption be convicted on solicitation of bribes and conspiracy. How many more officials have to be convicted before Albany will learn that real ethics reform...

March 13, 2018
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Crouch Calls On State to Shift Medicaid Burden from Local Municipalities

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) announced today that the Assembly Minority Conference has released a plan to shift the burden of Medicaid from Local municipalities to the state. New York has the second-most costly Medicaid program in...

March 12, 2018
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Crouch Calls On Governor To Restore Original Medical Leave To Veterans

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) called on the governor today to restore the original eight days of paid medical leave to combat veterans that was removed by a new bill passed this week A.8941, and that had...

March 2, 2018
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Crouch Introduces Ethics Reform

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) presented a rules reform measure to his colleagues today in the Assembly that would prevent a misbalance in representation on standing committees. The rule change would require that the number of...

February 13, 2018
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