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Assemblyman Santabarbara: Assembly Approves Bill to Bring Transparency in Testing

The state Assembly overwhelming approved legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) that would end the confidentially agreements that have prohibited educators from providing feedback on tests in our public schools...

May 28, 2015
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Assemblyman Santabarbara’s Student Cabinet Hosts Teacher Evaluation Hearing

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s Student Cabinet will hold their second meeting on Tuesday (June 2) at the state Capitol and conduct a hearing on teacher evaluations. Education advocates will testify and answer questions from students about...

May 27, 2015
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Assemblyman Santabarbara Announces New Funds for Summer Jobs in Our Region

With summer right around the corner, Assemblyman Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) is encouraging youth and local businesses to take part in the Summer Youth Employment Program. The program helps local businesses create summer jobs, while also helping...

May 27, 2015
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Assemblyman Santabarbara Pushes Common-Sense Reforms for Local Schools

The Assembly has approved legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) that ensures state education funding will not be delayed, children receive age-appropriate tests and our public schools have more time to implement...

May 20, 2015
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Assemblyman Santabarbara: New Yorker’s Voices Have Been Heard

“I’m glad the Thruway Authority has moved in the right direction by passing a budget with no toll increases. After hearing from residents and constituents in my district, I made it my priority to keep pushing against any toll hikes. This is a...

May 18, 2015
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May 4, 2015
Assemblymember Santabarbara is restoring faith in government by enacting new ethics reforms. "We need to do more to restore the public's trust in our state government," said Santabarbara.


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