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Assembly District 14

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State Of State Address Needs To Address Short-Term Needs And Balance Long-Term Goals
January 6, 2010
State Of State Address A Good Starting Point For Reform
January 6, 2010
McDonough Hails Elimination Of Onerous New License Plate Mandate
December 14, 2009
McDonough Opposes Wrong Budget Solution
December 2, 2009
McDonough Opposes Governor’s Power Grab
November 24, 2009
Assembly Majority Leaves Town With Business Unfinished
November 19, 2009
Governor And Assembly Majority Waste More Money By The Day
November 10, 2009
McDonough Calls For Fight Against New License Plate Fees
November 2, 2009
Join Dave McDonough’s fight to get your tax rebate check back!
October 28, 2009
Texting While Driving Ban Goes Into Effect Sunday
October 27, 2009
Governor’s Deficit Reduction Plan: Too Little, Too Late
October 15, 2009
Assemblyman McDonough Participates In “Coats For Kids” Campaign
October 2, 2009
The cost of owning and driving a car in New York went up this month thanks to Governor Paterson’s addictive spending habit!
September 18, 2009
McDonough Hosts Veterans Appreciation BBQ
September 15, 2009
Nassau County Already Feeling MTA Money Grab
September 8, 2009
McDonough Hosting Veterans Appreciation BBQ
September 8, 2009
McDonough Calls For DOT Funds To Install Guard Rails On Wantagh Parkway
September 4, 2009
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Has a Solution to Lower Your Electric Bill
August 25, 2009
McDonough To Host Identity Theft Prevention Seminar
August 24, 2009
Health Care Measures Signed Into Law
August 13, 2009
Keep Your Home and Prevent Foreclosure: Steps to Take When You Can't Pay Your Mortgage
June 2, 2009
Assemblyman McDonough's Foreclosure Prevention Seminar
May 29, 2009
McDonough Named To Veterans’ Affairs Committee
May 19, 2009
Budget Required Different Solutions To Same Problems
May 6, 2009
McDonough Votes Against Payroll Tax To Fund MTA
May 6, 2009
Assemblyman McDonough & Senator Fuschillo Invite Residents To Help “Stamp Out Hunger” By Participating In Postal Service Food Drive On May 9
May 4, 2009
McDonough Hosts Open House At Bellmore Office
April 30, 2009
McDonough Announces Expansion Of Transportation Assistance
April 20, 2009
McDonough Calls for Open and Transparent Budget Process
April 1, 2009
Budget Is Wrong For Nassau County And New York
March 31, 2009
McDonough To Gov: Reduce Spending In Response To Reduced Revenue Projections
March 25, 2009
MTA Digs Deeper Into Nassau County Pockets
March 25, 2009
Governor Uses Medicaid Money To Eliminate Proposed Taxes
March 12, 2009
McDonough Leads Rally For Education Funding
March 4, 2009
Fuschillo And McDonough Congratulate Kennedy High School Girls Volleyball Team On Winning Nassau County Championship
February 2, 2009
Assemblyman McDonough’s Coats For Kids An Overwhelming Success
January 14, 2009
Assemblyman McDonough Continues Food Drive
January 9, 2009
McDonough: State Of State Needs Swift Follow Through By Legislature
January 7, 2009
Assemblyman McDonough Stands Up To Proposed Car Registration Fee Increases And Commuter Tax
November 25, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough Calls For Investigation Into Great L.I.R.R. Train Robbery
November 12, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough And Long Island Blood Services Holding Blood Drive August 16!
July 25, 2008
McDonough Announces Final Passage Of Legislation To Protect Nurses From Mandatory Overtime
June 24, 2008
McDonough Highlights Veterans' Services
June 4, 2008
McDonough Calls On State To Deliver Tax Relief Now
May 5, 2008
McDonough Calls for Legislature to Repeal Gas Taxes During Summer Months
April 24, 2008
McDonough Hosts Veterans Caucus
April 15, 2008
McDonough Encourages Residents To Become Organ Donors
April 8, 2008
McDonough Comments On Health Budget
April 8, 2008
McDonough Reminds Seniors & Disabled Residents To Apply For Rebate Checks Through IRS
March 27, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough’s Statement On The Assembly Budget
March 13, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough And Senator Fuschillo Visit Old Mill Road Elementary School
February 19, 2008
Belmont Park And Long Island Shutout From The NYRA Deal
February 14, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough Announces Free Mammograms And Cervical Exams At Nassau University Medical Center
February 5, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough Moving District Office To New Location
January 29, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough Accepting Applications For Free Summer Camp
January 29, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough’s Statement On The 2008-09 Executive Budget
January 22, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough’s Statement On The Governor’s State Of The State Address
January 9, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough Urges Grassroots Effort For Property Tax Cap
January 7, 2008
Assemblyman McDonough: Governor Spitzer Steamrolling Suburban MTA Commuters
December 10, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Announces Agreement And Legislation That Would Rank New York Doctors
December 10, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Announces Assistance for Home Heating
December 4, 2007
Bellmore Kids Helping Kids!
December 4, 2007
Kids Helping Kids!
November 30, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Calls On The MTA To “Halt The Hike”
November 16, 2007
A Statement From Assemblyman David G. McDonough On Governor Spitzer Rescinding His Plan To Issue Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Aliens
November 14, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Joins Lawsuit To Stop Governor From Issuing Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Aliens
October 31, 2007
McDonough Will Continue to Fight Governor’s Plan to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens
October 29, 2007
McDonough: Legislation That Would Prevent The Issuing Of Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Aliens Blocked In The Assembly
October 25, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Welcomes Brandon Silveria To Division Avenue High School
October 19, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Participates In “Coats For Kids” Campaign
October 3, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough: Spitzer Reversal Of Driver License Policy A Direct Threat To Homeland Security
September 21, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough To Host Mobile Office Hours
September 17, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough: Spitzer Show Us You’re Not Bluffing
August 29, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough and Long Island Blood Services Will Hold Blood Drive
August 2, 2007
McDonough and Fuschillo Secure State Funding for Bellmore Street Festival
July 23, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough’s School Supply Collection Drive
July 6, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough and Minority Colleagues Host "Sex Offender Watch" Forum
July 2, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Hosts Car Seat Safety Check
July 2, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough’s Comments On 2007 Session
June 22, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Wants You To Think ‘Safety First’ Before You Enter The Water
June 18, 2007
McDonough Calls On The Assembly To Pass Bill Charging Drunk Drivers Who Kill With Homicide
June 7, 2007
McDonough Announces ‘Homes For Veterans Program’
May 31, 2007
Assembly Minority Unveils 3-Point Plan That Would Provide Relief At The Gas Pumps
May 25, 2007
Assemblyman David G. McDonough Joins Senate Consumer Protection Committee Hearing That Examined Incidents Of Air Passengers Stranded On Planes At New York Airports
May 24, 2007
Dear Editor
May 22, 2007
McDonough: No To Metal Bats In Youth Baseball!
May 22, 2007
McDonough Sponsors ‘Property Taxpayer Protection Act’
May 17, 2007
McDonough Honors Rosie The Riveter Georgette Feller
May 15, 2007
McDonough Honors Rosie The Riveters For Their Efforts During World War II
May 15, 2007
McDonough: Help Senior Homeowners; Bring Tax Bill To The Floor For A Vote
May 11, 2007
Rosie The Riveters Honored For Their Efforts During World War II
May 10, 2007
McDonough Urges Participation In ‘Mother’s Day Mammography Campaign’
May 1, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Announces New York State Sales Tax Information Brochure Available
April 30, 2007
McDonough Announces Home Improvement Initiative
April 24, 2007
McDonough: Budget Increases School Funding For Nassau Schools and Provides Property Tax Rebates For Homeowners
April 1, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Announces Public Library Construction Grants
March 20, 2007
McDonough Unveils Plan That Would Allow DMV To Keep Sex Offender Registry Info On Driving Records
March 8, 2007
McDonough: Good Government Groups Voice Support For Assembly Reforms
March 6, 2007
McDonough Claims Victory On Civil Commitment Agreement
March 1, 2007
Workers’ Compensation Agreement Is Good For Workers & Business
February 27, 2007
McDonough Supports Passage of Ethics and Lobbying Reforms
February 20, 2007
McDonough Pushes Assembly Rules Changes
February 20, 2007
McDonough: Senate Passes Civil Confinement Law
February 9, 2007
McDonough Announces Availability of NYS Lottery Scholarships
February 9, 2007
McDonough Releases Report Produced by Assembly Minority Task Force on Successful Schools
February 9, 2007
McDonough: Ethics and Lobbying Reforms Just the “Tip of the Iceberg”
February 1, 2007
McDonough: Budget Reform – It’s About Time
January 24, 2007
McDonough Awards WW II Vet Barbosa His High School Diploma
August 22, 2006
Assemblyman McDonough, Sen, Fuschillo Conduct LIRR Survey At Freeport Station
July 31, 2006
Assemblyman McDonough And Senator Fuschillo Congratulate Freeport Resident On Being Crowned Miss Senior New York
July 24, 2006
McDonough: Significant Crime Legislation Passed
July 20, 2006
McDonough, Coalition Against Child Abuse & Neglect Host ‘Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators’ Forum
July 20, 2006
McDonough Joins Governor At Bill Signing That Would Expand Sex Offender Internet Posting
July 20, 2006
McDonough: Legislature Creates Office Of Medicaid Inspector General
July 20, 2006
McDonough: Significant Crime Legislation Passed
June 28, 2006
McDonough Demands Action By Assembly Majority On Sex Crimes Legislation Before Session’s End
May 25, 2006
McDonough-Sponsored ID Theft Legislation Passes Assembly
May 18, 2006
McDonough Unveils Sexual Assault Task Force Report
May 17, 2006
McDonough: Assembly and Senate Reach Gas Tax Cap Agreement
May 16, 2006
McDonough Pushes for Gas Tax Cap and Expanding Alternative Fuel Options
April 27, 2006
McDonough Provides State Budget Agreement Details
April 3, 2006
McDonough: Majority’s Property Tax Relief and School Restoration Aid Plan Is Lacking
March 28, 2006
McDonough: Support New York’s Small Businesses
March 28, 2006
McDonough Introduces Patriot Plan IV Legislation
March 22, 2006
Letter to the Editor Regarding Public School Funding
March 15, 2006
McDonough: Assembly Majority Will Not Provide Real Tax Relief
March 14, 2006
McDonough Welcomes New Assembly Member Tom McKevitt
March 10, 2006
McDonough and Assembly Minority Task Force on Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse Discuss Possible Solutions
March 9, 2006
McDonough Unveils Identity Theft Prevention Legislation
March 2, 2006
McDonough Sponsors ‘Buster’s Bill II’
February 27, 2006
McDonough Provides Property Tax Savings Plan
February 16, 2006
McDonough Supports Call for Joint Conference Committee on Civil Confinement
January 31, 2006
McDonough-Sponsored Resolution Calls on Congress to Extend Medicare Part D Enrollment
January 31, 2006
McDonough: Majority’s Bill Falls Short On Civil Confinement
January 24, 2006
McDonough Supports “Star-Plus” Property Tax Relief Plan
January 24, 2006
Home Run on Megan’s Law; Civil Commitment Coming to the Plate
January 20, 2006
McDonough: Tougher Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registry Enacted
January 19, 2006
McDonough: Budget Proposals Provide School and Property Tax Relief
January 18, 2006
McDonough Supports Energy Assistance Legislation
January 13, 2006
McDonough Calls for Immediate Assembly Action on Megan’s Law Provision
January 13, 2006
McDonough Calls for Immediate Action on 5-Point Plan to Strengthen New York’s Sexual Predator Laws
January 9, 2006
McDonough, Local Law Enforcement, Elected Officials Unite To Protect Children and Families from Dangerous Sexual Predators
January 9, 2006
McDonough Votes To Condemn Illegal Gun Trafficking
December 22, 2005
McDonough: New Yorkers Support Civil Confinement of Sex Offenders
September 22, 2005
McDonough to Host Identity Theft Prevention Seminar
July 25, 2005
McDonough Offers 2005 Assembly Session Scorecard
June 28, 2005
Demand for Action on Important Legislation Before Session End
June 20, 2005
McDonough Sponsors Summer Reading Challenge At Local Elementary Schools
June 16, 2005
Assemblyman McDonough Offers ‘Natural Emergency Preparedness’ Brochure
June 16, 2005
McDonough: Majority-Controlled Transportation Committee Pulls Auto Leasing Bill
June 9, 2005
McDonough: Majority Finally Recognizes Need to Further Protect New Yorkers from Sexual Predators
May 25, 2005
McDonough Announces Petition Drive for Civil Confinement Legislation
May 19, 2005
McDonough Offers Legislative "Must-Do" List Before Session End
May 6, 2005
Assemblyman McDonough Offers Long Island ‘Travel Guide’
April 26, 2005
Assemblyman McDonough Offers ‘The College Dream. A Guide For Parents’
April 26, 2005
McDonough: Assembly Majority Blocks Civil Confinement Legislation
April 14, 2005
Long Island Assembly Minority Conference Secures Empire Zone for Nassau County
April 14, 2005
McDonough Supports Take Our Daughters or Sons to Work Day
April 7, 2005
McDonough: April Is National Donate Life Month
April 4, 2005
Long Island Assembly Minority Conference Calls for Empire Zone in Nassau County
March 31, 2005
Long Island Assembly Minority Delegation Calls for School District Aid Restoration
March 14, 2005
McDonough Demands Action on Civil Confinement Legislation by the Assembly
March 2, 2005
McDonough to Host Mobile DMV Van Day
February 28, 2005
McDonough Demands Action on Civil Confinement Legislation by the Assembly
February 10, 2005
McDonough Supports Effort to Create Joint Bipartisan Legislative Process Task Force
February 3, 2005
McDonough Calls for Reform of State’s 'Vicarious Liability' Law
February 2, 2005
Assemblyman McDonough Calls for Restoration of Sales Tax Exemption
January 27, 2005
Assemblyman McDonough Offers State Winter Ski & Travel Guides
January 27, 2005
McDonough Hails Bipartisan Agreement Proposal for Reforming Assembly Rules
January 10, 2005
McDonough and Assembly Minority Conference Unveil ‘Excelsior 2005’
January 6, 2005
McDonough: Assembly Minority And Brennan Center Call On Legislature To Make Reform 'Priority No. 1' For 2005 Session
November 19, 2004
McDonough: Task Force on Sex Crimes Against Children and Women Begins Second Phase of Investigation
June 4, 2004
McDonough Joins Colleagues in Calling for Summertime Tax Break on Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
May 20, 2004
Assemblyman McDonough Honors the Flag, Country and Military
May 3, 2004
McDonough, Assembly Minority Conference, Victim’s Family and Law Enforcement Community Demand Stiffer Penalties for Hit-and-Run Drivers
April 22, 2004
McDonough Salutes Budget Reform Agreement
April 5, 2004
Assemblyman McDonough Offers Long Island Travel Guides
March 30, 2004
McDonough Wants You to Protect Yourself Against Home Improvement Scams
March 24, 2004
McDonough Announces One-Stop Insurance Information Center for Caregivers
March 19, 2004
McDonough Announces New Toll-Free Banking Help and Complaint Line
March 12, 2004
Easing Burden of Military Service Goal of Patriot Plan II
March 4, 2004
Assembly Minority Conference Plan Strengthens ‘Megan’s Law’
February 12, 2004
Assemblyman McDonough Announces Toll-Free New York State Road Repair Hot Line
February 9, 2004
McDonough Announces New York Lottery Scholarships
February 2, 2004
Assemblyman McDonough has New York State College Financial Aid Information Available
January 16, 2004
Assemblyman McDonough’s ‘Coats for Kids’ an Overwhelming Success
January 16, 2004
McDonough and Assembly Minority: Making New Jobs Is ‘Job One’
January 7, 2004

Community Happenings
Join Assemblyman Dave McDonough at his Community Blood Drive
June 11, 2013
McDonough Hosting Blood Drive On Thursday, February 28
January 28, 2013
Assemblyman Dave McDonough’s School Supply Drive July 9 - August 24
June 14, 2012
Free Car Seat Safety Check
April 26, 2012
McDonough To Hold Women Of Distinction Ceremony, Thursday, September 22
September 20, 2011
Assemblyman Dave McDonough’s School Supply Drive July 12-August 27
July 2, 2010
Please Join Assemblyman Dave McDonough in the Fight Against Hunger!
July 2, 2010
Assemblyman Dave McDonough is on the road coming to your community for mobile office hours!
June 7, 2010
McDonough to Host Car Seat Safety Check
May 12, 2010
If you have precious cargo, make sure your car seat is installed correctly.
April 26, 2010
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Invites You to Nominate Women of Distinction for 2009
August 28, 2009
You’re Invited to a Free Identity Theft Prevention Seminar
August 18, 2009
Join Assemblyman Dave McDonough at His Annual Car Seat Safety Check
April 29, 2009
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Presents Women of Distinction
June 20, 2008
Free Identity Theft Prevention Seminar
June 19, 2008
Free Car Seat Safety Check
April 24, 2008
Give Blood. Save a Life.
July 13, 2007
Assemblyman David G. McDonough’s School Supply Collection Drive
July 2, 2007
Free Car Seat Safety Check
June 4, 2007
Assemblyman David G. McDonough "Bringing Government To You!"
February 3, 2005

Keeping You Informed
Flu Shot Program October 22, 2014
August 22, 2014
The 2014 Legislative Session Report
August 14, 2014
Investing in our children’s education
August 7, 2014
If you have precious cargo, make sure your car seat is installed correctly.
August 6, 2014
Donate Blood Save a Life
June 20, 2014
Feel Like Your Money Is Going Up In Smoke?
June 20, 2014
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Presents The Nassau University Medical Center's Mammovan - A Mobile Mammogram Examination Service
June 19, 2014
Make Sure You’re There For All The Memories.
March 31, 2014
Donate Blood Save a Life
March 13, 2014
Education Reform Letter
February 3, 2014
A Voice for Nassau County Families
December 13, 2013
Important Safety Information From Assemblyman Dave McDonough
September 26, 2013
Identity Theft Prevention Seminar
September 4, 2013
It’s Their Future Let’s Make It Count
August 29, 2013
Irene, Sandy, What’s Next?
July 8, 2013
Safety Tips for Seniors
June 17, 2013
Bipartisan Action Key To Boosting New York’s Business Climate
June 12, 2013
Assemblyman Dave McDonough’s Annual School Supply Drive July 1 - August 23
June 11, 2013
Safety Tips for Seniors
May 23, 2013
Free Car Seat Safety Check
May 6, 2013
Playing It Safe Safety tips for you and your children
April 16, 2013
Working Together to Build a Better Long Island
February 13, 2013
Join Assemblyman Dave McDonough at his Community Blood Drive
January 29, 2013
Helping Seniors And Their Families Keep Long Island Home
August 22, 2012
Our Kids Deserve a Fair Chance at a Bright Future
August 22, 2012
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Invites You to Nominate Women of Distinction for 2012
July 5, 2012
Remember Irene?
July 2, 2012
Fighting Back: State’s Anti-Bullying Law Takes Effect On July 1
June 12, 2012
Could you use an extra $3,969.07?
May 22, 2012
McDonough Leads Fight To Reduce Long Islanders’ Tax Bill
May 22, 2012
Summer Reading Challenge
May 14, 2012
Let's Put A Stop to Cyber Bullying
May 4, 2012
Solving The Medicaid Puzzle
February 14, 2012
The opportunity to improve the business climate in New York is here
January 30, 2012
Dave McDonough & Andrew Cuomo Put politics aside and eliminated the MTA payroll tax!
January 13, 2012
How Albany Can Get Serious In 2012
January 6, 2012
An Important Legislative Update From Assemblyman Dave McDonough
November 2, 2011
Securing Success for Our Children
November 2, 2011
Dave McDonough Supports a Healthier Long Island
September 14, 2011
It's About Jobs
September 9, 2011
Session Ends On A Positive Note For LI Taxpayers
June 30, 2011
Completing Unfinished Business Will Provide A Better Future For Long Island Families
June 7, 2011
Albany’s Latest Ignorance And Mismanagement Hits Taxpayers Hardest
May 5, 2011
The Budget Forecast: It’s Time Albany Listens To Taxpayers
March 3, 2011
Putting Taxpayers First
February 14, 2011
Mandates, Medicaid And MTA: The Budget Report Card
February 9, 2011
Assemblyman Dave McDonough has a history of: Protecting Taxpayers Enforcing Ethics Promoting Accountability
July 2, 2010
Assemblyman Dave McDonough: Putting Taxpayers First
July 2, 2010
Building a Stronger Long Island
June 23, 2010
Assemblyman Dave McDonough invites you to nominate Women of Distinction 2010
June 7, 2010
The MTA is taking Nassau County commuters for a ride
April 20, 2010
Let’s Connect
April 12, 2010
Budget Will Not Be Passed By Start Of Next Fiscal Year
March 30, 2010
Revenue Forecast Report Needs To Plan For The Worst, Hope For The Best
March 5, 2010
Gov’s Budget Provides Inadequate Solutions To State’s Problems
January 22, 2010
Forthcoming Budget Must Produce Plan For Fiscal Restraint After State Of State Address
January 12, 2010
DRP Fails To Plan For New York’s Fiscal Future
December 4, 2009
The brightest minds are fleeing New York in search of better career opportunities and a lower cost of living.
November 6, 2009
Assemblyman Dave McDonough’s 2009 Year in Review
November 2, 2009
Dave McDonough Wants to Know Why We Should Trust the MTA Now?
September 21, 2009
MTA Capital Spending Plan Wrong For Nassau County And How The Public Can Change It
August 18, 2009
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Invites You to Nominate Women of Distinction for 2009
June 29, 2009
Budget Will Bankrupt State And Drive Families And Businesses Out
April 2, 2009
Budget Process Dysfunction More Of The Same
April 1, 2009
Education A Pawn In Governor’s Budget
March 4, 2009
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Working for the Needs of Young New Yorkers
July 24, 2008
Safeguarding Our Kids Online
July 24, 2008
Staying Healthy in New York Just Got Easier
July 24, 2008
NYS Assemblyman David G. McDonough’s Constituent Outreach
July 23, 2008
Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed Emergency Preparedness
July 23, 2008
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Supporting Those Who Protect Us - A Special Report for Veterans
July 9, 2008
An Important Document Crucial to Your Family’s Safety
June 10, 2008
Fighting for Nassau County’s Hardworking Families
June 10, 2008
Repeal Gas Taxes, Says McDonough
May 13, 2008
Assemblyman David McDonough Is Fighting for Our Fair Share
March 12, 2008
2008 Senior Resource Guide
March 11, 2008
Governor’s Budget Will Force Counties To Pick Up Costs
February 7, 2008
Letter to the Editor
December 7, 2007
Legislative Agenda 2008 from Assemblyman Dave McDonough
October 17, 2007
Assemblyman Dave McDonough Wants You To Know 7 You Need To Know About Your Property Tax Rebate Check!
July 27, 2007
Assemblyman McDonough Wants To Ensure All Homeowners Get Their Property Tax Rebate Check
July 23, 2007
Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed Emergency Preparedness
July 9, 2007
The American Dream of Homeownership Has Become A Nassau County Nightmare
June 20, 2007
New York State Assembly Guide to Senior Citizen Programs
April 30, 2007
Be Prepared Plan with an Emergency Supply List and Stay Informed
August 22, 2006
Is the High Cost of Prescription Drugs Getting Hard to Swallow?
June 19, 2006
Protect Your Children from Internet Predators
May 25, 2006
Crime Isn't Just a Big-City Problem - It Exists on Long Island , Too
May 11, 2006
Save the Date for Assemblyman David G. McDonough's Mobile Office Hours
March 27, 2006
New Yorkers Pay the Third-Highest Property Tax Rate in the Nation
March 13, 2006
Know How to Protect Your Family from Sex Offenders!
February 10, 2006
Legislative Survey - Planning for the 2006 Legislative Session
November 9, 2005
Protecting Taxpayers' Investment In Our Future
October 31, 2005
Assemblyman David G. McDonough’s School Supply Collection Drive
June 13, 2005
Senior Citizen Consumer Report
June 1, 2005
Are There Sexual Predators in Your Neighborhood?
May 18, 2005
Assemblyman McDonough calls for Action on Civil Confinement Legislation
March 11, 2005
A Special Report: Internet Safety and Your Family from Assemblyman David G. McDonough
July 13, 2004
Have You Filed Your STAR or Enhanced STAR Application Yet?
July 12, 2004
A Special Report on Bullying and Hazing
April 1, 2004
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