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A02834 Summary:

COSPNSRGottfried, Rodriguez, Gunther, Zebrowski, Quart, Peoples-Stokes, Montesano, Cusick, Brindisi, Tedisco, Weprin, Rosenthal, Skoufis, Rozic, Johns, Jaffee, Stirpe, Steck, Otis, Abinanti, Barrett, Thiele, Pichardo, Kearns, Santabarbara, Colton, Crouch, Hunter, Paulin, Cook, Cymbrowitz, Joyner, Goldfeder, Lavine, Castorina, Dilan, McDonald, Moya, Braunstein, Seawright, Raia, Woerner, Magnarelli
MLTSPNSRBuchwald, Ceretto, Crespo, Duprey, Englebright, Fahy, Friend, Galef, Hevesi, Kolb, Lentol, Lupardo, Lupinacci, McLaughlin, Murray, Perry, Ra, Rivera, Schimel, Sepulveda, Tenney
Add Art 33 3301 - 3305, Ins L
Regulates step therapy policies; requires clinical review criteria used to establish step therapy protocols be based on clinical practice guidelines endorsed by independent experts, based on high quality studies, and be created by a transparent process; requires that patients and health care providers have access to a clear and convenient process to request a step therapy exception determination.
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