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S00056 Summary:

BILL NO    S00056B





Amd Various Laws, generally

Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the
public protection and general government budget for the 2009 - 2010 state
fiscal year; expands the use of funds deposited in the criminal justice
improvement account; makes technical corrections to the state wireless
communications service surcharge; limits reimbursement to health care providers
for performing forensic rape examinations to actual costs not to exceed eighty
dollars; establishes a one year time limit on submission of claims for
reimbursement of medical and counseling expenses; allows restitution to be paid
by credit card; requires applicants to be licensed as an insurance agent,
broker, adjuster, consultant or intermediary, to submit their fingerprints to
the division of criminal justice services as part of the background check;
establishes fees for new and renewal certification of security guard
instructors and security guard training schools operating in NYS; modifies the
prison closure notification requirement and authorizes the acceptance by the
department of correctional services to house local inmates and federal
prisoners; expands eligibility criteria for state inmates to qualify for
medical parole and streamlines the medical parole application process;
authorizes the department of correctional services to sell certain products to
not-for-profit organizations at the cost to produce and deliver the products;
expands eligibility for the shock incarceration program and establishes a new
limited credit time allowance for inmates; eliminates reimbursement of local
jails for housing of parole violators and state-ready inmates, with exceptions
when the department of correctional services cannot provide a general
confinement bed within ten business days after notification that an inmate is
state-ready; encourages the adoption of graduated sanctions for parole
violators and the use of a risk and needs assessment instrument; credits
probation sentences for time served under interim supervision and implements a
one-time twenty-five dollar probation registration fee with the revenue to be
retained by local probation departments; modifies the responsibilities of the
state commission of correction and provides options to administrators of local
jails to reduce their operating costs; increases the assessment on nuclear
power plant facilities to support emergency preparedness planning efforts;
increases the motor vehicle enforcement fee applied to the purchase of vehicle
insurance to support the cost of police operations; extends various criminal
justice programs; modifies the aid and incentives for municipalities (AIM)
program; extends authorization for the office of real property services to
charge oil and natural gas producers for determining the property value of oil
and gas units of production; increases the real property transfer fees that
support expenses of the office of real property services and redirects the
deposit of those fees to the general fund; restructures state aid provided to
municipalities in which a video lottery gaming facility is located; authorizes
transfers, temporary loans and miscellaneous capital/debt provisions, including
certain bond caps; clarifies the calculation of assessment collected by the
insurance industry and deposited with the workers' compensation board, and
allows any insurance company which has identified and held funds resulting from
a discrepancy in calculations to pay such funds to the state; extends
provisions of chapter 152 of the laws of 2001 relating to armory rentals;
conditional release and supervision of persons serving a definitive sentence;
court appearances and warrants of arrest; pilot project for filing medical
assistance applications for inmates prior to their release; loan forgiveness
for indigent legal services attorneys; requires the state liquor authority to
improve its information technology; makes technical changes and extends
provisions of chapter 141 of the laws of 1994 relating to operation and
administration of the legislature; requires public authorities receiving funds
under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to submit expenditure
plans; directs the chief administrator of the courts to promulgate rules
relating to caseloads for attorneys representing indigent clients in criminal
matters in cities of one million or more; relates to sentences of imprisonment;
establishes the judicial diversion program for certain felony offenders;
relates to operating as a major trafficker; criminal sale of a controlled
substance to a child; interim probation supervision; shock incarceration
participation; directs the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services to
monitor the care and treatment of certain inmates; diversion of cases;
judicially sentenced shock incarceration inmates; parole; repealers.
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