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A05844 Summary:

COSPNSRSepulveda, Gantt, Wright, Ramos, Cook, Blake, Bichotte, Hyndman, Perry, Hooper, Mosley, Barron, Jean-Pierre, Harris, Vanel, Carroll, Dinowitz, Abinanti, Cymbrowitz, Gjonaj, Colton, Glick, D'Urso, Lavine, Zebrowski, Kavanagh, Lupardo, Fahy, Ortiz, Lupinacci, Solages, Brindisi, Bronson, Simotas, Skoufis, Hunter, Rivera, Crespo, Hevesi, De La Rosa, Gottfried, McDonald, Simon, Paulin, Jaffee, Rosenthal L, Hikind, Cahill, Pheffer Amato, Brabenec, Rozic, Jenne, Pichardo, Steck, Buchwald, Galef, Dickens, Peoples-Stokes, Kearns, Pretlow, Benedetto, Weinstein, Williams, O'Donnell, Moya, Weprin, Lentol, Stirpe
Add 3-213, amd 3-412, El L
Relates to mandatory training curriculum for election commissioners and key staff of boards of elections and to model poll worker training programs; entitles state agency employees to leave for election administration and training; requires the state board of elections to develop and provide to each county materials for a model poll worker training program which the counties may use to train individuals to serve as poll workers in state and county elections.
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