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A05037 Summary:

Amd Ed L, generally; amd Pub Health L, generally; add 235-h, RP L; add 91-g, St Fin L; amd 3231, 3239, 4317, 4235, 4326 & 4405, Ins L; amd 390 & 390-a, Soc Serv L; amd 11, Pub Bldg L; amd 31-f, 31-h, 31-j & 284, Ag & Mkts L; amd 28-a, Gen City L; amd 272-a, Town L; amd 7-722, Vil L; amd 239-d, Gen Muni L; amd 331, Hway L; amd 309, Pks & Rec L
Enacts the "omnibus obesity and respiratory illness reduction act"; provides for the screening for childhood obesity by elementary and secondary schools; provides for the regulation of the use of trans fats and requires the provision of nutritional information by food service facilities; requires instruction in schools on good health practices; includes certain respiratory diseases and obesity in disease management demonstration programs; enacts provisions to reduce the incidence of certain respiratory diseases; enacts provisions to prevent in-utero exposure to tobacco smoke; provides for the use of inhalers and nebulizers by certain students; expands the collection and reporting of data on obesity in the state; directs the health research science board to study obesity and respiratory diseases; provides for expanded obesity prevention and screening; expands ease of breastfeeding in child day care centers and at work; establishes the obesity and respiratory disease research and education fund; relates to the use of school facilities by not-for-profit and charitable organizations for after school programs; includes weight management and physical fitness in wellness programs; requires day care centers to provide healthy foods and exercise; provides for a state office building bicycle parking and storage facilities expansion and inventory plan and creates a temporary bicycle commuting task force; encourages the expansion of production of fresh fruits and vegetables by community gardens; directs the state and municipalities to develop more and safer bike lanes and multiple use trails so as to encourage physical activity and reduce carbon emissions; directs the department of agriculture and markets to increase the number of regional farmers' markets for the direct marketing of foods and produce produced in the state.
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