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A02135 Summary:

BILL NO    A02135 


SPONSOR    Simotas (MS)

COSPNSR    Gunther, Englebright, Colton, Morelle, Hooper, Lupardo

MLTSPNSR   Ceretto, Crouch, Malliotakis, McLaughlin, Raia

Amd SS70.00, 125.25, 130.70 & 130.75, add SS130.36, 130.51, 130.71 & 130.81,
rpld S130.35 sub 3, S130.50 sub 3, Pen L; amd S168-a, rel S168-w to be S168-x,
add S168-w, Cor L

Makes the commission of rape, a criminal sexual act, aggravated sexual abuse or
course of sexual conduct against a child less than 12 years of age or against a
child less than 14 years of age by a person 21 years old or more a class A-I
felony punishable by a term of imprisonment of 25 years to life; eliminates
references to such offenses in less severe crimes; includes such offenses
within murder in the second degree for purposes of sentencing to life
imprisonment without parole for murder committed in the course of committing
such sex offenses against a child; designates such sex offenses against a child
as sexually violent offenses for the purposes of sex offender registration;
requires every sex offender convicted of such an offense to be subject to
lifetime electronic monitoring by the division of criminal justice services
upon release from prison.
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